Shipping Charges

We ship worldwide. If you are unsure of your shipping charges, just click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and the shipping fees will be calculated accordingly.

Every item qualifies for one of the three: 1) ‘Norminal Shipping’, 2) ‘Special Shipping’ or 3) ‘Free Shipping’. By default, ‘Norminal Shipping’ applies and ‘Special Shipping’ or ‘Free Shipping’ applies when you see the respective icons.

Tracking numbers will be given for all parcels valued above $15. For parcels valued below $15, the proof of postage will be given.

We Ship Worldwide

1) Nominal Shipping Charges

Amt of Goods Bought Shipping Charges
$0.01 USD – $14.99 USD $2.73 USD
$15.00 USD – $39.99 USD $5.46 USD
$40.00 USD – $69.99 USD $9.89 USD
$70.00 USD – $89.99 USD $18.35 USD
$90.00 USD – $29.35 USD

For goods above $15, we will ship world wide using “REGISTERED Air Mail”. (For goods that costs less than $15 we send using STANDARD Air Mail and we will show you the proof of postage.) The above shipping charges applies for MOST items. Please allow up to 1-3 weeks for items to be delivered.


2) Special Shipping Rate

*Certain items may have a “special shipping rate” instead of the “Nominal Shipping Charges” becuase of the size or the additional packaging required. These items will be specified clearly and notated with the Special Shipping icon above. No Nominal Shipping Charges will be added in such cases.


3) Free Shipping

*For a limited time, certain items qualify for free shipping. No shipping charges will be added for these items.

4) Express Shipping

For 2 working day express shipping, please purchase and then email us separately support[@] We will bill you the extra shipping charges.