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    St. Marie Academy School Uniform Cosplay Costume (Male)

    $138.90 $81.99

    Cosplay as the blond 14 year old Makoto Kashino who dreams of making it big as a first class Patissiere and Chocolate master just like his uncle! You cana lso cosplay as the other male students from St. Marie Academy from the Yumeiro Patissiere series. The cosplay costume consists of a 3 piece blazer set made with the highest quality ensuring great style and comfort.

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    Ichigo Amano Cosplay Costume (School Uniform)

    $123.70 $77.99

    Cosplay as Amano Ichigo from Yumeiro Patissiere with this female St. Marie Academy School Uniform. This light beige blazer set includes the blazer, skirt, inner shirt and red ribbon. Now it’s your turn to learn the art of being a great patissiere!

About Yumeiro Patissiere Cosplay Costumes

For our Yumeiro Patissiere costumes, we have personally selected not only the best quality, but also the material that we find most suitable for our costumes.