Akaito Cosplay Costume (Black)

Akaito Cosplay Costume (Black)

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Sport this black version of Akaito’s costume accented with his trademark red! The long sleeves are accented with red on the inner panel, and a yellow strip on the outer shoulder, as well as similarly-coloured cuffs. A front zipper opening makes the long coat with its back slit feature for convenient movement, easy to put on. The pair of black pants with the side accents in yellow and his distinct red muffler completes the look so familiar to Vocaloid fans! Just have an ice-cream in hand and you’ll be unmistakable as the cool- or should I say, hot Akaito!

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Product Description

- Black long-sleeved long coat with mandarin collar, red accent patching, 'W' embellishment on back and front opening
- Black pants with yellow accent on side
- Red muffler

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Akaito's Personality (Vocaloid)

- Akaito Bio by Tsunade

An unofficial sibling of the Vocaloid Kaito, whose main colour is blue. As such, Akaito (combination of the words Akai (Red in Japanese) and his name, Kaito) is the Red version, with a personality to match! With his looks being extremely similar to Kaito, he is often referred to as 'Kaito's Twin'. As compared to Kaito, Akaito has been portrayed by fans to be more manly, having a rather indifferent outlook but a naughty personality. He is noted to like spicy food and is often pictured holding his Vocaloid Character Item, a red Habanero Pepper, which he eats whole without even needing water.

In school, Akaito is somewhat of a delinquent, wearing whatever he likes to school and having a tendency to use accessories with chains. When he wears the uniform, it is often in a rather worn-out state to match his nonchalant personality. He also sports piercings on his ears, left eyebrow and tongue. Akaito is noted to be a smoker.

Alike to his red head, Akaito is noted to be hot-headed and often causing trouble in school. A mischievous guy with many pranks up his sleeve, Akaito is also a flirt and likes attractive people (both males and females). Sometimes, this boy is known to flick skirts of ladies to reveal their undergarments! Like a burning fire, he is uncontrollable and does what he deems fit, often disregarding the consequences. As such, those around him know he is a character not to be trifled with.

Underneath this 'yankee' image though, Akaito has a soft personality that makes him protective of those who are getting bullied, as he feels he is the only one fit to bully the rest. And he might be right; with his confidence and feeling of superiority even to his close friends. He is also good at acting like an innocent child when trouble comes calling.