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    Hatsune Miku Rabbit Hoodie

    $80.00 $54.99

    Hatsune Miku is one of the most popular and best selling VOCALOID idols since 2007 and her fanbase has been increasing ever since. This hooded jacket with rabbit ears and blue ribbon is featured in the 2014 PS3 and PS Vita game; Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd. Indulge yourself with this comfortable button-up hoodie made with fine fabric.

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    Hatsune Miku Cosplay Costume

    $118.90 $68.99

    The Hatsune Miku cosplay costume from the Vocaloid series lands with a bang! The beautiful character design of Hatsune Miku has captured the hearts of fans all over the world. Cosplay as the adorable Vocaloid idol with this amazing combination of teal blue, gray and black. This high quality costume includes the hair accessories too!

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    Zatsune Miku Cosplay Costume

    $129.90 $75.99

    Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid 01, turns all dark and cool in her dark Miku alter-ego: Zatsune Miku! Cosplay as the sought after mainly fan-made Zatsune Miku in this cosplay costume which displays flamboyance and glamor but also the dark side of Miku. Using a red theme instead of teal blue for the costume, and ever so slightly more revealing, experience the dark and daring side of Miku!

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    Megurine Luka Cosplay Costume

    $149.80 $89.99

    Vocaloid 03, Megurine Luka, wears a unique costume of traditional classic fused with a modern touch, creating a modern style cheongsam look-alike. Unlike the typical manga-style inspired school uniforms, this outfit gives off an aura of sensuality and sophistication. A recommendation for those intending to cosplay in an outfit that is comfortable, sensual and at the same time modestly stylish!

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    Kagamine Len Alice Human Sacrifice Costume

    $89.00 $59.99

    Cosplay as the Vocaloid He-twin, Kagamine Len with this rendition of the Alice Human Sacrifice version. Dress-up and cosplay as the unusual and slightly demented version of Kagamine Len. Made with the highest quality material for comfort, this will be a great choice for a full day of cosplaying!

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    Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku Just a Game Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $109.99

    Considered the most popular VOCALOID character ever, Hatsune Miku's fanbase spreads far and wide across the globe. Cosplay as the digital pop diva with this lovely set of Hatsune Miku's outfit for the VOCALOID II song, 'Just a Game'. Featuring a classy white and blue dress, a pair of black arm sleeves and stockings, a black wrap-around necklace and a flowery headdress to compliment the overall look. Flexible for conventions and for ladies' parties. We guarantee that this costume is the BEST quality you can find out there!

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    Meiko Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $113.80 $63.99

    This Vocaloid Meiko Cosplay Costume is sure to turn heads! Meiko’s character and voice was based from a Japanese female singer, Meiko Haigou. A fun faux leather two-piece cosplay costume consisting of a zip-up mid-riff top (black tube inner), matching shorts and contrasting white belt. Get yourself ready for all Vocaloid’s Cosplay events, and form your own Vocaloid Cosplay Team with our wide array of Vocaloid cosplay costumes!

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    Sakura Miku Cosplay Costume (Pink)

    $134.80 $83.99

    Hatsune Miku changes out of her usual turquoise green and dons the cherry blossom pink of Spring time in Japan. Cosplay as Sakura Miku in full sweet pink glory. The material of the costume is slightly reflective to accurately depict the Sakura Miku art.

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    Kagamine Len Cosplay Costume

    $128.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as Kagamine Len in this funky and hip school uniform-type cosplay costume. Be noticed in it's unique style and bright high-contrasting black, white, and yellow color scheme. The fabric is made of durable and yet very comfortable material that would be delightful to wear on day long cosplays. Grab one now and all that's left is to find your twin Kagamine Rin!

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    Akita Neru Cosplay Costume

    $130.00 $90.99

    This futuristic-style outfit of Akita Neru the Vocaloid has a mix of both girlish and boyish styles! The more serious black and grey is accented with a bright yellow which catches attention immediately. Most iconic is the shorts/miniskirt combo, which makes this piece so unique! The yellow necktie and sharp collar forms a smart silhouette, yet the frills give it a soft edge. Zigzag-edged in yellow, the Vocaloid style flared sleeves are the final touch to this mixed-style outfit that echoes the minds of the netizens who gave life to this fan made Vocaloid!

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    Hatsune Miku World is Mine Cosplay Costume

    $80.00 $51.99

    Hatsune Miku takes center-stage once again in this “World is Mine” rendition of the Vocaloid cosplay costume. Dress up and cosplay as the most popular Vocaloid with this sensual and gorgeous white thigh high satin dress; silky smooth with hints of fluffy lace trims. A simple outfit that speaks volumes!

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    Hatsune Miku – Matryoshka Cosplay Costume

    $92.60 $62.99

    Hatsune Miku looks ready to run in her Matryoshka get-up. Matryoshka is also known as ‘Russian Dolls’, and this rendition of Miku’s costume is one of her most comfortable yet. The costume doubles up as a cozy tracksuit for a trendy work-out session, so you’re getting 2 functions out of this costume at the price of 1!

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    Kaito Cosplay Costume

    $140.90 $84.99

    From the Vocaloid idol series comes the the simple 3 piece cosplay costume of Kaito. Cosplay as the blue-haired Kaito, and look all cool and funky with this cool blue on white long coat with hints of yellow lining and details. Also included is Kaito's signature trademark scarf, which you can re-use on normal days during the cold season. This cosplay costume is made of the highest quality material to ensure comfort for the cosplayer!

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    Kaito Imitation Black Cosplay Costume

    $142.90 $84.99

    From Vocaloid, comes this costume of Kaito, featuring Kaito in the “Imitation Black” series. Dress up as your favorite suave blue-haired Vocaloid and look all charming in this Vocaloid Imitation Black cosplay costume!

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    Vocaloid – Kagamine Rin (Just A Game) Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $75.99

    From VOCALOID2, Rin Kagamine is one half of the Kagamine twins both voiced by singer Asami Shimoda. Cosplay as the teenage digital diva with this set of costume featured on the VOCALOID2 song, 'Just a Game'. The attire consists of a white button up dress, a pair of black gloves and stockings, a black scarf and flower accessory and a black underskirt with frilly ends. Perfect for those looking for a non-mainstream character to cosplay with.

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    Kagamine Rin Alice Human Sacrifice Cosplay Costume

    $89.70 $59.99

    Cosplay as the Vocaloid she-twin, Kagamine Rin. Dress up in this Alice Human Sacrifice version cosplay costume to cosplay as the slightly deranged Kagamine Rin. Made superior quality material, this will be a great choice on those full day cosplay events!

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    Vocaloid – Miku Hatsune Christmas Version Cosplay Costume

    $118.00 $66.99

    Hatsune Miku is a virtual pop diva and the main mascot of the VOCALOID video game series. New on our cyber shelf is Miku's attire for the Christmas season: a modified Santarina outfit. Featuring a long sleeved dress with fluffy lining in vibrant red, a pair of matching stockings with fluffy white balls, black belt with gold buckle and a small golden bell attached to a red necklace. Awesome to wear not only at anime conventions but also for all Christmas parties!

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    Kagamine Rin Nuclear Fusion Cosplay Costume

    $148.70 $92.99

    Dress up as Kagamine Rin from the Vocaloid 02 series in this rendition of Kagamine Rin in her Nuclear Fusion costume in a bold and striking combination of white, black and yellow. This Kagamine Rin Nuclear Fusion Costume will surely be fun and enjoyable for those intending to cosplay as this alternative fusion of Kagamine Rin!

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    Megurine Luka Magnet Costume

    $125.90 $79.99

    Step into the shoes of Megurine Luka with this Magnet version of Megurine Luka's cosplay costume! This easy to wear one piece low back dress is made with high quality material ensuring durability and most importantly comfort for the wearer. Cosplay as the husky voiced singing sensation. Get your best girl friend to be Hatsune Miku's Magnet rendition and you will be the most sought after cosplayers in town!

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    Kagamine Len Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Cosplay Costume

    $158.90 $99.99

    Cosplay as the Kagamine Len with this gothic-inspired cosplay costume! Dress-up as the quirky and off-centre Kagamine Len with this sleek and sharp rendition of his costume made popular by the song “Sandplay of the Singing Dragon”. Made with the highest quality material for comfort and with a full extensive details on the costume; a great choice for a cosplaying day as the idol singing sensation! Round your friends up to be Hatsune Miku and Gakupo Kamui to form a team!

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    Hatsune Miku Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Cosplay Costume

    $163.90 $69.99

    Hatsune Miku is here in her latest gothic getup in Sandplay of the Singing Dragon. Cosplay as the Vocaloid 01 Hatsune Miku in this mysterious and exquisite one piece multi layered, and multi-textured long sleeve dress with hints of purple, yellow gold and different textures and tones of black.

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    SF-A2 Miki Cosplay Costume

    $145.80 $98.99

    An amazing SF-A2 Miki Cosplay Costume in satin! The new addition to the characters in vocaloaid-town. This sweet character is originally SF-A2, codenamed Miki, developed by AH-Software. A simple body skirt style costume in striking white with turquoise and pink details. For those who dare to be different in this amazing new character from vocaloid; MIKI!

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    Gakupo Kamui Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Cosplay Costume

    $164.80 $102.99

    The purple-haired Samurai Vocaloid Gakupo Kamui returns in this Victorian styled half coat outfit presenting to you ” Sandplay of the Singing Dragon”! Made with the highest quality material, full extensive details on this triple layered costume worn by Gakupo Kamui consisting of polished gold plated buttons, intricate embroidery lining, detail and cuffs. With an add-on mini gold chain securing the front side of the blazer with touch of exquisiteness. Gather your chums to form your Sandplay cosplay team!

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    Kaito Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Cosplay Costume

    $168.90 $108.99

    Vocaloid Kaito returns in the gothic outfit from “Sandplay of the Singing Dragon”. Also called “Miniature Garden where the Dragon Howls” in some translation, this costume comes with Kaito’s trademark scarf, and a perfect combination of colors, creating a royally stylish look.

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    Kagamine Rin Cosplay Costume

    $128.50 $79.99

    Cosplay as Kagamine Rin of Vocaloid 2 Character Vocal Series with this artistically matched costume. Confidently pull off this funky and playful ensemble of outfit consisting of ribbon headband, arm warmers, leg warmers, short and sleeveless top. The costume is intricately replicated with words and markings in both pair of warmers. Made of top quality materials for ultra comfort! Be creative and match each clothes for a more cool outfit!

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    Hatsune Miku – Magnet Cosplay Costume

    $129.70 $81.99

    Hatsune Miku, one of the most sought after characters from Vocaloid showcases her versatility once again in the song Magnet, where Miku does the perfect number with Megurine Luka. This cosplay costume features the beautiful black and teal dress, so stunningly well-designed that it can be worn as your daily dress to those social functions and parties. Mini hat also included!

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    Black Rock Shooter Cosplay Costume

    $154.80 $97.99

    Black Rock Shooter, the title character and main protagonist of the series, incarnated from Hatsune Miku can now be you! Step into the world of the calm, collected and confident young lady who also happen to be a skillful and excellent fighter. Dress up and display your curves and skin while cosplaying in this daring costume featuring a leather string bikini and its matching leather black trenchcoat!

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    Akaito Cosplay Costume (White)

    $98.00 $76.99

    The white version of Akaito’s coat, this costume features a long coat with a front zipper opening that makes it easy to put on and remove, and a back slit for easier movement. Red patches accent the white coat, and yellow accents run along the outside shoulder of each sleeve, as well as around the cuff. Paired with black pants sporting similar yellow accents and with the ever-recognizable red muffler of Akaito, this outfit makes cosplaying him perfect- All you need would be an ice-cream in hand!

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    Akaito Cosplay Costume (Black)

    $98.00 $76.99

    Sport this black version of Akaito’s costume accented with his trademark red! The long sleeves are accented with red on the inner panel, and a yellow strip on the outer shoulder, as well as similarly-coloured cuffs. A front zipper opening makes the long coat with its back slit feature for convenient movement, easy to put on. The pair of black pants with the side accents in yellow and his distinct red muffler completes the look so familiar to Vocaloid fans! Just have an ice-cream in hand and you’ll be unmistakable as the cool- or should I say, hot Akaito!

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    Hatsune Miku – Snow Miku Cosplay Costume

    $130.50 $89.99

    From Vocaloid, presenting Hatsune Miku in her Snow Miku Version Cosplay Costume. Cosplay as a different Miku, in this winter festival special version of Miku, showcasing a rather distinctive single snow flake symbol in white print on her tie. Comes complete with all accessories of her costume which includes the flared arm warmers and thigh high socks!

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    Vocaloid: Miku Hatsune Shoes

    $290.00 $226.99

    Thigh-high leather boots are sure to make heads turn, as Miku does! Play the famous Vocaloid 01 in this snug-fitting number with a zipper opening, accented with her trademark turquoise. Add height with the modern-looking chunky platform soles that are comfortable even for long hours! Avid Miku fans would be pleased to notice the stitched bar detail creating an emboss effect on the upper portion of the boot!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Megurine Luka – Matryoshka Cosplay Costume

    $92.60 $62.99

    Vocaloid Megurine Luka returns in the song “Matryoshka” or “Russian Dolls” in a track suit-like outfit. This lime green, comfortable outfit will prove to be a comfortable getup in your cosplay events, and also a great fashion statement during your morning jogs! Gloves are included. Gather your buds to form your Vocaloid Matryoshka Cosplay Team! This costume is also suitable for Hatsune Miku’s version of Matryoshka.

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