Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki Battle Suit Version 2

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Ken Kaneki is the half-human, half ghoul main protagonist of the popular Tokyo Ghoul anime series. In the daytime, he is an excellent literature student but at night, he is a powerful ghoul called 'Centipede'. Cosplay as Ken Kaneki with his all black battle suit version 2 consisting of a black leather zippered jacket and a pair of black leather pants.

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- Black zippered leather jacket
- Black leather pants

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Ken Kaneki(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Ken Kaneki Bio by Tsunade

Name: Ken Kaneki
Alias: Centipede
Age: 18
Birthday: 20 December
Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg
Blood type: AB
Occupation: Student,part-time waiter
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Ghoul
Affiliation: Anteiku

Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. He is 18 years old at the beginning of the series and is in his second year at Kamii University, studying Japanese Literature. Appearance-wise, Kaneki is considered to be a plain and average guy, he has black hair and eyes and has scrawny build, having no sports background or interest at all. Personality-wise, one would consider him to be extremely boring; having lack of athleticism and his favourite past time is to read books. However, aside from his shy and reserved personality, Ken is extremely gentle and is optimistic most of the time. He has a selfless attitude that was taught to him by his late mother and is always trying to protect others even if it means getting into trouble.

His journey into becoming a ghoul began when he developed an infatuation towards a girl named Rize. Unbeknownst to Kaneki, Rize is actually a ghoul and is known as 'Binge Eater', one of the strongest ghouls in the 20th Ward. During one of his visits at the Anteiku cafe, he managed to ask Rize out on a date. Kaneki and Rize developed a chemistry due to their interest in Literature and on their first date, the two ended up going into a deserted alley. Rize then told Ken that she is a ghoul and is about to devour him and as soon as he attempted escaping, he was heavily wounded by Rize. Overpowered, it seemed like it was the end for him but fortunately for Ken Kaneki, a pile of steel construction beams accidentally fell on Rize, crushing her to death. Ken regained consciousness in the hospital and was shocked when he found out that the doctors transplanted Rize's organs unto him to save his life. Now a half-ghoul, Ken struggles to live a dual life but was able to found solace in the ghoul-run coffee shop, Anteiku.