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    Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki Battle Suit Version 2

    $145.00 $76.99

    Ken Kaneki is the half-human, half ghoul main protagonist of the popular Tokyo Ghoul anime series. In the daytime, he is an excellent literature student but at night, he is a powerful ghoul called 'Centipede'. Cosplay as Ken Kaneki with his all black battle suit version 2 consisting of a black leather zippered jacket and a pair of black leather pants.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Aogiri Tree Cloak

    $99.00 $59.99

    The Aogiri Tree is a powerful ghoul syndicate featured in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Established a decade ago, its base of operations is in the 11th Ward and it houses most of the villains in the series. Cosplay as an Aogiri Tree member with this maroon coloured Aogiri Tree cloak as seen in the anime and manga series.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Touka Kirishima Battle Suit Version 2

    $140.00 $73.99

    Touka Kirishima is the main female protagonist of the anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. She is a part-time waitress at the Anteiku coffee shop and is known as 'Rabbit'; one of the most notorious ghouls wanted by the CCG. Cosplay as the feisty Touka Kirishima with her version 2 battle suit consisting of a black leather hoodie, leather skirt and a pair of black stockings.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki Ken Ghoul Cosplay Wig (White)

    $29.00 $16.99

    Get this natural looking and soft touch cosplay white wig and be a look-alike of Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul anime series! Specially trimmed for the Kaneki Ken look, this wig is durable and comfortable to wear. It is perfect for cosplay, parties, daily use and for fun. Get yours now!

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Kaneki Ken First Battle Suit Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $65.99

    The main protagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series, Ken Kaneki is known for his powerful kagune and stylish battle suits. Add to your cosplay repertoire this costume of Ken Kaneki's first battle suit featured in the anime and manga. The outfit consists of a black latex bodysuit complete with the body design markings.

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