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    Index Cosplay Costume

    $130.50 $79.99

    Index Librorum Prohibitorum Cosplay

    Dedicatus545 is a mouthful, and Index Librorum Prohibitorum sounds even more like gobbledygook. Cosplay as Index; title character of Toaru Matjutsu no Index. Get empowered in Index’s habit-inspired white robe and dress up as the little nun of Necessarius.

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    Kaori Kanzaki Cosplay Costume (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

    $110.00 $65.99

    The sexy figure of Kanzaki Kaori can only be enhanced by this fitting, rugged outfit! Despite being just a jeans and tee outfit, Kaori has added a twist of character to it. Pulled up into a midriff to reveal her navel, the white tee is tied off to the side. The jeans has one side cut off to reveal her long, fair legs, and paired with a tasseled faux leather leg warmer. As the final detail, the waist belt extends into a sword holder at the side of her thigh to hold her legendary 2-metre long Nodachi.

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    Kamijou Touma School Uniform Cosplay

    $120.00 $64.99

    Hidden beneath this normal civilian uniform is Kamijou Touma and his invincible Imagine Breaker! A simple white uniform shirt with a left chest pocket is left untucked and paired with dark grey pants. Pull on the sleeveless tee beneath the shirt and have a little peeking out through the top to complete Touma's subtle yet precise look!

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    Ruiko Saten Cosplay Costume ( Toaru Majutsu no Index )

    $88.90 $51.99

    Dress up as Saten Ruiko from To Aru Majutsu no Index in this simple yet classic short sleeve white and dark blue seifuku (sailor school uniform). This uniform is so classic you can pass off as any regular Japanese school girl in those ‘back-to-school’ parties or other such events!

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