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    Arietta the wild costume

    $139.00 $88.99

    Cosplay as Arietta the wild, the cool female antagonist from Tales of the Abyss. The shy, timid girl from the Isle of Feres, raised by Ligers, is fun to cosplay in especially in this stylish cosplay costume! This is the exact replica of what Arietta the Wild donned in Tales of the Abyss. Made with durable yet breathable quality material. Have fun cosplaying in this comfortable yet stylish costume as Arietta the Wild!

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    Asch the Bloody Cosplay Costume

    $172.00 $117.99

    From the Tales of the Abyss comes this stunning costume as worn by one of the 6 God-Generals and antagonist of the series, Asch the Bloody. Cosplay as Asch the Bloody with this stunning black and red costume with its red and gold lining, detailed motifs and superior quality. Have fun cosplaying as the fierce, arrogant, smart yet caring character from Tales of the Abyss!

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