Yukina Himeragi Cosplay Costume

Yukina Himeragi Cosplay Costume

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Play the sweet yet fierce soldier Yukina Himeragi in this uniform of the Ayami Academy! In a colour scheme of white and blue, this sailor-style uniform consists of a fitted blouse to show your curves and is paired with a cute pleated mini skirt. Complete with a tiny bow at the front, this uniform is indeed fitting for the mild-mannered Yukina!

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Product Description

- White short-sleeved fitted blouse with Sailor-style blue collar, front welt pockets, blue bow at front and button opening
- Blue pleated checkered skirt with side zipper and button flap opening
- Black socks x 1 pair

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Introduction to Yukina Himeragi (Strike the Blood)

- Yukina Himeragi Bio by Tsunade

Name: Yukina Himeragi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Golden Brown

With her name meaning 'Loving Snow Princess', Yukina Himeragi is a middle-school student at Ayami Academy and also a Sword Shaman. Brought up by the Lion King Organization whose mission is to observe peace between humans and demons and trained as a soldier, she has a different view from the normal human. She is also a very skilled fighter whether it be hand-to-hand combat or using the lance. Sent by the Lion King Organization to observe Kojou Akatsuki, she tags along with him everywhere he goes and has the mission to kill him should he lose control of his powers as his presence disrupts the power balance of the current three Primogenitors (the father of vampires).

Upon their initial meeting, Kojou tries to mislead Yukina into thinking she has gotten the wrong person, but blew his cover when he stopped her lance with just his hand during an unprecedented battle with a vampire. Yukina is his first blood mate and as such, has a similar blood smell to his. The Lion Kind Organization had in fact planned for her to be his lover, though she is oblivious to the fact.

Noted to be a very cute girl in appearance, so much that most of the male students have expressed interest in her simply by looking at her photograph, Yukina is nicknamed the Princess of the class. She is usually seen carrying a guitar case around, in which she hides her Schneewalzer, a demon assault weapon. To match her cute looks, she has a sweet and meek personality, and she can sometimes be quite naive due to her lack of general knowledge as she has not lived in normal civilisation for a long time.

Even though she was sent to observe and even kill Kojou should he lose control, she soon develops feelings for him and starts to feel jealous when Kojou gets near other girls. Despite this, she never has negative or bitter feelings towards her love 'rivals', going so far as to care for them and protect them. She constantly reminds herself that she is Kojou's observer and nothing more, to deny her own feelings.