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    Spirited Away – Chihiro Sen Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $61.99

    Chihiro Ogino aka Sen is the main protagonist of Spirit Away. Scared and alone, she found herself wandering the spirit realm after a wrong turn during a trip. Cosplay as Chihiro with this bathhouse worker outfit consisting of an orange kimono top and bottom with a white tasuki sash and maroon waist sash.

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    Spirited Away – Haku Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $60.99

    Haku is the male protagonist of the critically acclaimed film, Spirited Away. Mysterious but friendly, he is instrumental in helping Chihiro on her journey in the spirit realm. Cosplay as the bathhouse manager Haku with this set of costume consisting of a white kimono top and blue trousers, navy blue inner shirt and purple waist sash.

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