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    Blair Cosplay Costume

    $158.00 $88.99

    Cosplay as Blair the purple haired Cat Monster; arguably the most fun character to cosplay as from Soul Eater. Our Blair cosplay costume includes her long sleeved classic witch-style black dress, complete with her black witch hat; with just that little twist at the end!

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    Medusa Gorgon Cosplay Costume

    $108.00 $62.99

    This Medusa Gorgon Cosplay Costume from Soul Eater may at one look simply just be a simple long sleeve one-piece body suit, but it is made of black stretchable cotton, and gives the cosplayer the utmost comfot when you’re doing the Medusa-thing. Attached to the costume is an arrow shaped tail and hoodie with Medusa’s white snake eyes embedded to it.

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    Maka Albarn Cosplay Costume

    $153.00 $89.99

    Maka Albarn from Soul Eater wields quite a weapon which makes her more attractively bad-ass. Having said that, who wouldn't want to cosplay as this cool character. So here's what the outfit includes (deep breath), a long sleeved top, a vest, a checkered skirt, a striped necktie and a black trench coat. So do we actually need to say more? Grab a set now and be be the adorably violent Meister!

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    Soul Evans Cosplay Costume

    $130.00 $78.99

    This Soul cosplay costume from Soul Eater allows you do a perfect Soul Evans cosplay. This is a simple two piece costume consisting of a yellow and black pullover and red pants. Wear this out on normal occasions and you will not look weird! This cosplay costume also comes with the Soul Evans' replica headband so that you look just like the character.

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    Soul Eater – Black Star Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $68.99

    Black Star is one of the most popular Soul Eater characters. He is the last survivor of his Clan after the DWMA massacred them years before. Cosplay as the egomaniac Black Star with this set of outfit featured in the earlier part of the series. His costume includes a black sleeveless shirt with funnel like collar, a pair of white and black shorts and a pair of blue fingerless gloves.

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Dress up as either the weapon meister or the human weapon (in their human form, of course) and feel as cool as the main protagonists of Soul Eater!