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    Hinamori Amu Cosplay Costume (School Uniform)

    $120.00 $85.99

    Be cool and spicy like Hinamori Amu from Shugo Chara series as you parade around in her hip and stylish winter school uniform! Beautifully tailored to the likeness of Seiyo Elementary School uniform, this chic 3-piece suit is made of high quality material that is wonderfully comfortable. It’s brilliantly detailed from Amu’s belted leg warmers to her red armband. You can also mix and match it with your other clothes for a more fashionable outfit!

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    Tadase Hotori Guardian Cosplay Costume (Male)

    $130.00 $80.99

    From Shugo Chara! Cosplay as the leader of the Guardians, Tadase Hotori. Look sleek and elegant with our featured Tadase school uniform costume set, comprising of an inner white shirt with blue necktie and black jacket, a pair of blue checkered pattern shorts with matching coat.

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    Mashiro Rima Guardian Cosplay Costume

    $125.90 $81.99

    The best thing about being a Guardian in undoubtedly getting to wear that cool checkered cape. Cosplay as Nadeshiko Fujisaki, Queen Chair Rima Mashiro, or Ace chair Yaya Yuiki in this female Guardian cosplay costume! This Guardian Cosplay set also comes with Amu’s signature red armband and her checkered leg warmers; just in case if you want to cosplay as Hinamori Amu in one of those moments where she wears the guardian cape.

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    Amulet Dia Cosplay Costume

    $165.50 $97.99

    Have fun dressing up as Amulet Dia from the Shugo Chara! series. This costume is extremely comfortable and breathable even for the comfort of everyday usage. Shine as Amulet Dia and embrace all smiles and happiness around and share your aura of enthusiasm, positivity and most importantly Optimism with people all around you!

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About Shugo Chara! Cosplay Costumes

Shugo Chara costumes are made of the best suitable material that you can show off while cosplaying as Hinamori Amu, Fujisaki Nagihiko, Hoshina Utau, Hotori Tadase, Mashiro Rima, Sanjou Kairi, Souma Kukai, Tsukiyomi Ikuto and Yuiki Yaya!