Sailor Chibi Moon Super S Cosplay Costume

Sailor Chibi Moon Super S Cosplay Costume

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At 900 years old, Chibiusa looks nothing like her age. Cosplay as the future daughter of the titular soldier; Sailor Moon. This detailed costume includes a golden tiara, a Sailor soldier outfit with red ribbon, a pair of arm gloves and a pair of pink stockings, all made with high quality cotton.

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Product Description

- White Sailor Senshi uniform
- White elbow length gloves x 1 pair
- White skirt with pink and yellow lining
- Yellow choker
- Red ribbon for under the collar
- Pink heart pin for ribbon
- Back ribbon
- Pink long stockings x 1 pair
- Golden tiara with crescent moon

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Our costumes' cutting are gender-specific. That means a male character has a male cutting, female character has female cutting. However, both male and female can dress up as cross gender characters. (It's like a girl wearing a guy's tshirt or vice versa). Look through both gender's size chart and choose the size that is the closest to your measurement.

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Male Size Chart

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Female Size Chart

*Sizes XXS, XXL and XXXL are specially tailored to order. We have absorbed the special tailoring fee for these 3 sizes. However, orders of costumes in these 3 sizes will not be applicable for exchanges or returns.

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*Fits both gender
Kid Size Chart

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Free size costumes are usually between male size L to XL. Comes that come in free-size are meant to look loose fitting for both male or female. Free size costumes will not fit kids.

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Sailor Chibi Moon Biography (Sailor Moon)

- Sailor Chibi Moon Bio by Tsunade

Name: Chibiusa Tsukino
Alias: Sailor Chibi Moon
Age: 8 years old
Birthday: 30 June
Gender: Female
Blood type: O
Species: Human

Sailor Chibi Moon is the not so secret identity of Chibiusa Tsukino and is number seven of the Sailor Senshi to be introduced in the anime. Described as a little brat who likes to pull pranks on other people, Chibiusa was from Crystal Tokyo of 30th century and she travelled back in time to 20th century Tokyo to train.

Chibiusa Tsukino, as her name imply is related to Sailor Moon Usagi Tsukino. In the Silver Millenium in the future, she is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Enymion; Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba's identity in the future. Chibiusa's real name is the same as her mother's; Usagi. She got the nickname Chibiusa from combining the Japanese word for little; 'Chibi' and was combined with her given name 'Usagi', resulting in Chibiusa. The nickname also had another purpose; to differentiate the main Usagi Tsukino from her daughter in the future for the sake of convenience.

Appearance-wise, Chibiusa sports a pink hair in an odango(bun), styled to look like rabbit ears. Despite being 900 years old chronologically(she is from the future), she is 8 years old physically and is known to be the shortest Sailor Soldier and is also the youngest. As for her personality, Chibiusa is known to be very energetic and upbeat. She is outgoing and extroverted despite starting out in the series as a socially awkward klutz. She rose up in popularity and quickly become popular in school and with her classmates. Her initial awkwardness was due to the fact that she was constantly teased in her original timeline for not having Sailor Senshi powers originally. Like her mother, Chibiusa's a big fan of drawing and both share a dislike for carrots. Overall, Chibiusa is one of the most popular characters in the Sailor Moon series.