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We sell premium cosplay costumes. The photos of the costumes are taken by us, what you see is what you get. 3.99 Cosplay Shop is a division of 3.99 Anime Shop.

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    Seirin Jersey Jacket Track Pants Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $89.00 $61.99

    Cosplay as Tetsuya Kuroko, Kagami Taiga or the other members of the Seirin team with this awesome Seirin jersey jacket and track pants set! Made to be utilitarian so you can wear this not only for cosplaying, but also to an actual game of basketball. Slam it with style!

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    Sword Art Online (SAO): Kirito Cosplay Shoes

    $180.00 $158.99

    Kirito's SAO character would be incomplete as the 'Black Swordsman' without this pair of black boots! Adorned with metal protection plates on the front and heel, this would otherwise be a regular pair of slip-in boots sporting a gray trim. Silver buckles on either side hold down a strap going over the foot. The front metal plate is removable, allowing this to function as daily shoes for your closet!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Fairy Tail – Wendy Marvell Cosplay Costume (Edolas Arc)

    $115.00 $60.99

    One of the major characters in Fairy Tail, Wendy Marvell has a change of outfit with each arc in the series. Our featured copslay item is Wendy's Edolas arc outfit showcasing a vibrant red top with matching black skirt and a pair of thigh-length black stockings.

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    Naruto Shippuden – Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay Costume (Fourth Shinobi War Version)

    $140.00 $78.99

    Sasuke Uchiha is one of the most popular characters in the Naruto series. Cosplay as the angsty ninja with his Fourth Shinobi World War attire as seen in the series. His outfit consists of a high-collared grey top, a pair of black slacks and a stylish blue waist cloth secured by a purple rope belt.

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    Pokemon – Ash Ketchum Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $119.00 $65.99

    An icon in the anime world, Ash Ketchum has been a Pokemon Trainer since 1997. Cosplay as the energetic best friend of Pikachu with this set of Ash Ketchum costume. The outfit consists of a black singlet, light blue pair of pants, a pair of green gloves and his signature shirt and baseball cap.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Ken Kaneki Battle Suit Version 2

    $145.00 $76.99

    Ken Kaneki is the half-human, half ghoul main protagonist of the popular Tokyo Ghoul anime series. In the daytime, he is an excellent literature student but at night, he is a powerful ghoul called 'Centipede'. Cosplay as Ken Kaneki with his all black battle suit version 2 consisting of a black leather zippered jacket and a pair of black leather pants.

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    One Piece – Sanji Cosplay Costume

    $130.00 $76.99

    'Black Leg' Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates in the popular anime, One Piece. He prides himself in his cooking skills as well as his Black Leg Style of martial arts. Cosplay as the curly-eyebrowed 'love cook' with this set of Sanji's outfit that consists of a double breasted suit and pants, a blue striped shirt and a black tie for that gentleman look. Costume quality satisfaction guaranteed!

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    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia – Yuuko Kanoe School Uniform

    $110.00 $56.99

    Yuuko Kanoe is one of the most popular characters of the anime series, Maiden Dusk of Amnesia. She was a 15-year-old girl who was made into a human sacrifice prior to the beginning of the series. Dying with betrayal in her heart, she has turned into a ghost that haunts Seikyou Academy. Cosplay as the teenage ghost with this set of school uniform that she wears in the anime. The costume consists of a navy blue school blouse and skirt and a crimson tie.

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    Kuroko’s Basketball – Seirin Jersey Version 2 Black 11 Kuroko Tetsuya

    $99.00 $41.99

    Kuroko Tetsuya is the main character in the sports anime and manga series, Kuroko's Basketball. He is the point guard of Seirin High and the former sixth man of Teikou Junior High's Generation of Miracles. He is known for his excellent misdirection skills and his willingness to help the team to win no matter what it takes. Cosplay as Kuroko with our set of Seirin High's jersey in black colour. The jersey set is perfect for pick up games as well.

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    Kimono Dress – Akiyama Akaru (Autumn Red)

    $140.00 $89.99

    Make a bold statement by donning this Autumn Red Akiyama Akaru Kimono Dress! Inspired by modern style, this new age kimono dress is thigh-length, decorated in floral pattern with frilly lace at the ends and it comes with a beautifully designed obi belt wrap to fasten the dress into a playful butterfly ribbon at the back. To top it off, it comes with a matching lolita head dress that flows with the overall look.

    Create your own character with this bold red neo-classical Japanese kimono dress!

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    Tetsuya Kuroko Teikou Middle School Jersey No. 15 (White)

    $98.90 $39.99

    Tetsuya Kuroko is one of the players in the legendary “Generation of Miracles” from Teikou Middle School. Cosplay as the 'ghost' of the basketball team with this white and light blue number 15 basketball jersey from Teikou Middle School! The dry-fit material of this basketball jersey makes this a 'real' jersey where you can wheeze among your basketball pals just like Kuroko.

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    Kyoko Sakura Cosplay Costume

    $155.00 $78.99

    A contrasting outfit with the hints of a fighter, yet accented with feminine features, this is representative of the feisty Kyoko who has a different side of her. The sleeveless piece has a front cut out on the chest with the printed logo below it, and a mandarin collar which gives it the touch of a fighter. The front of the skirt opens up to reveal the corset belt an inner layer of the miniskirt framed by the girlish frills from the outer skirt, a slightly regal look that gives Westernised flavor that matches surprisingly well with the mandarin collar!

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    Trafalgar Law (Dressrosa Arc) Cosplay Costume

    $118.00 $59.99

    Known as the ‘Surgeon of Death’ due to his Op Op Devil Fruit, Law is one of the most notorious rookie pirates of the One Piece universe. Make your Law cosplay unique with this hooded coat from the Dressrosa Arc. Made with high quality fabric, this coat has all the fine details, including the orange and white stripes, as well as the ‘Corazon’ insignia at the back.

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    Usagi Tsukino Super Sailor Moon Cosplay Costume

    $190.00 $121.99

    From crybaby Usagi to Sailor Moon – and now, this Super Sailor Moon costume is representative of how much our Usagi has grown! More glamorous and sophisticated than her previous, this piece is mostly white (compared to the her blue skirt in Sailor Moon) and gives the look of purity! The focus point of this outfit lies in the long billowing ribbon on the back which are slightly sheer in appearance, just like the layered sleeves that resemble wings. The heart motif is repeated throughout on the yellow choker, as well as the belt buckle and brooch on her front bow, both of which features a tiny crescent within the heart. With its pleated miniskirt and elbow-length gloves, this outfit is an iconic piece that would be a sure head-turner at cosplay events!

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    Re: Zero Felix Argyle Cosplay Costume (with cat ears and tail)

    $139.00 $118.99

    Cosplay and be like the adorable Felix Argyle from the popular anime series, Re:Zero. This good quality costume features Felix in his casual outfit. Yes, Felix is a male but a very cute one!! This casual wear costume will consists of a blue collar with a ribbon, a blue/white dress, blue stripe leggings, white arm covers, a blue scarf tied around his right arm, and of course, his signature cats ears and tail!!

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    Kingdom Hearts – Kairi Cosplay Costume

    $125.00 $69.99

    Kairi is the love interest of Sora and Riku in the Kingdom Hearts series. Beautiful and kind, she was taken by Maleficent in the first game and it is up to Sora and Riku to find her. Cosplay as the Kingdom Hearts heroine with this set of Kairi costume featured in Kingdom Hearts II. The outfit includes her pink zippered mini-dress, black leather belt and her black pouch with purple ribbon.

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    Sakura Haruno Cosplay Costume (Naruto Movie The Last)

    $109.00 $64.99

    Sakura Haruno from the Naruto Shippuden series is all grown up. She is a ninja of Konohagakure and is an expert in medical ninjutsu and has come a LOONGG way from the little long haired Sasuke admirer to the kunoichi she is today. Cosplay as Sakura in her ninja attire as seen in The Last movie with this costume set consisting of her red sleeveless cheongsam-inspired raiment with a white back pouch attachment, a pair of pink elbow and knee pads, a pair black gloves and black tights. Quality guaranteed!

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Aogiri Tree Cloak

    $99.00 $59.99

    The Aogiri Tree is a powerful ghoul syndicate featured in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Established a decade ago, its base of operations is in the 11th Ward and it houses most of the villains in the series. Cosplay as an Aogiri Tree member with this maroon coloured Aogiri Tree cloak as seen in the anime and manga series.

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    One Punch Man – Saitama Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $74.99

    Cosplay as the legendary One Punch man, aka, Saitama! He is the undisputed strongest man on Earth and he annihilates monsters with a single punch. Cosplay as the Caped Baldy with this set of Saitama's hero costume consisting of the yellow jumpsuit, black belt, white cape and a pair of red gloves.

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    Kuroko’s Basketball – Seirin Jersey Version 3 White 11 (Kuroko Tetsuya)

    $98.00 $39.99

    From the popular sports anime, Kuroko's Basketball, Kuroko Tetsuya is the phantom sixth player from the Generation of Miracles and is the current starting Point Guard of the Seirin High basketball team. Cosplay as Kuroko with this detailed Seirin High replica jersey complete with the jersey shorts printed with Kuroko's number 11 on the front and back. Perfect for casual basketball games as well!

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    Fairy Tail – Lucy Heartifilia Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $49.99

    From the anime series Fairy Tail, Lucy Heartfilia is a mage of the Fairy Tail guild and is the member of Team Natsu. Cosplay as the voluptuous and confident Lucy Heartfilia with this set of her white blouse and blue skirt, Lucy's main signature outfit which she chooses to wear now and then no matter which era she's in!

    Lucy's blue hair tie is included in this costume too.

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    Tokyo Ghoul – Touka Kirishima Battle Suit Version 2

    $140.00 $73.99

    Touka Kirishima is the main female protagonist of the anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. She is a part-time waitress at the Anteiku coffee shop and is known as 'Rabbit'; one of the most notorious ghouls wanted by the CCG. Cosplay as the feisty Touka Kirishima with her version 2 battle suit consisting of a black leather hoodie, leather skirt and a pair of black stockings.

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    Naruto – Asuma Sarutobi Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $82.99

    Asuma Sarutobi is one of the secondary characters of the popular anime series, Naruto. He is a high ninja and is the son of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen. Throughout the series, he has been one of the chill and laid-back characters and also one of the strongest. Cosplay as the senior ninja with his Konoha ninja uniform attire consisting of a black long sleeved shirt and matching pants, bandage for the right arm, a pair of black wrist bands, blue sash and of course, the jounin jacket – all made of high quality materials.

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    Heiwajima Shizuo Cosplay Costume

    $79.00 $59.99

    Step into the world of the blonde Heiwajima Shizuo in this simple black and white bartender like suit. This cosplay costume consists of a long white shirt, black bow tie, black vest and black pants. Heiwajima Shizuo, said to be the strongest street fighter in the series, is a cool character to cosplay as, and the easy costume also allows you the versatility of wearing this during non-cosplay events!

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    Black ANBU Cloak Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $56.99

    Some ANBU personnel wears the white cloaks while others wear the black ones. While we haven’t figured out if there are any representative differences in departments, we’d choose the black one if we have a chance because it is just that much cooler! White ANBU cloak available here

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    Japanese School Girl Shoes (Dark Brown)

    $180.00 $164.99

    All girls want a pair of shoes that go with anything, and this might just do the job! The most frequently-seen pair of shoes in all school-themed anime, if you are a frequent cosplayer of high school girls character, you NEED this pair of shoes.

    A classic loafer-style pair in dark brown, these match well with any uniform style, and easily matches your socks regardless of what colour you might select! The slight block heel at the back adds that little boost of height yet remains comfy enough for daily wear.

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Vegeta Cosplay Costume (Version 3)

    $210.00 $115.99

    Channel even more power as Vegeta in his Super Saiyan form! A full-body skin-tight jumpsuit shows off defined muscles worthy of the Saiyan race! Throw on the outer vest armour in white accented with yellow details. The elbow-length gloves are a final touch to this outfit that goes perfectly well with the blonde hair Vegeta sports in this powerful form that should make others very afraid!

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    Naruto Uzumazi Hokage Cosplay Set

    $140.00 $98.99

    Throw on this coat that Naruto sports if he's the Sixth Hokage! A formidable-looking long coat ending around the knee, it is accented with black flames around the hems, and also features a high collar. Proudly wear the respectable '6th Hokage' rank on your back, where the kanji is printed! A black tracksuit sweater with long sleeves and a front zipper opening is paired with pale brown straight cut pants underneath the coat. The final detail comes in the dark green cording to be tied around the left arm, as well as the wraparound bandage on the right thigh. Simply pull on your shinobi sandals, and this impressionable outfit would be all ready for show!

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    Gaara Cosplay Costume (Version 1)

    $90.00 $73.99

    The silent, attractive Gaara made his appearance at the Chunin exams in this original outfit. With the basic black shirt and pants, the focus goes to the white shawl draped around his body, which plays up the dramatic factor as it blows in the desert breeze! Strap on the faux leather band (also featuring his black forehead protector) and all you’ll need are your sand gourds for the final touch!

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    Komuro Takashi Cosplay Costume

    $101.00 $74.99

    This Takashi Komuro Costume lets you cosplay as the spiky haired sophomore from the High School of the Dead series. Dress in the typical male black Gakuran (male Japanese school uniform) and matching pants, contrasted with a red long sleeve top underneath. Round up your friends to form your Highschool of the Dead Cosplay Team!

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    Seijuro Akashi Teikou Middle School Jersey No. 4 (White)

    $98.90 $39.99

    Play basketball while cosplaying as a member of the “Generation Of Miracles” Seijuro Akashi in this basketball jersey inspired from his Teikou Middle School Basketball Team. Form your own “Generation of Miracles” cosplay team! The dry-fit material of this basketball jersey makes this a 'real' jersey where you can bring it on in the basketball court!

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    Chun Li Cosplay Costume – Black

    $115.00 $75.99

    Are you Chun Li Player 2, 3, or 4? Cosplay as Street Fighter Chun Li on the black version of her kickass oriental cosplay costume. One of the most iconic female fighters in the gaming world puts on a raven black outfit with golden linings along the costume. Double white hair buns included too!