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We sell premium cosplay costumes. The photos of the costumes are taken by us, what you see is what you get. 3.99 Cosplay Shop is a division of 3.99 Anime Shop.

  • Yukariko Steinberg Meister Cosplay Costume


    Yukariko Steinberg materializes into an otome Meister with the Dazzling Mirage Lapis Lazuli ROBE. This 4 piece outfit includes a very comfortable soft white lycra-tights for that extra comfort in fighting as a Meister! All material are guaranteed to be the best in the market.

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    Kawasumi Mai Cosplay Costume

    $98.70 $68.99

    This Kanon school uniform is lined with blue lace and is the one which Kawasumi Mai wore in the series. The material is superb with a layer of silk on the inside for cool comfort long lasting wear. You can cosplay as the misunderstood Mai, Kurata Sayuri, or other Kanon characters with this lovely costume. You can even create your own Kanon characters!

  • Natsuki Kruger Ice Silver Crystal Meister Cosplay Costume


    Natsuki Kruger, the headmistress of Garderobe and one of the 5 Column's Meister has a great blue ROBE when she materializes into the Ice Silver Crystal. Cosplay as this cool Meister Otome in this elaborate high quality costume! The grey lycra-like material on the inside will give the cosplayer a comfortable long-wearing experience never known before!

  • Arika Yumemiya Meister Cosplay Costume


    Arika Yumemiya, the Otome who inherited her mother, Rena Sayers' Sapphire of Azure Blue Sky GEM, became the Meister of Queen Mashiro. Cosplay as Arika in this super high quality and comfortable lycra-material Meister Robe. The quality of this costume is unrivalled and we promise only the best! The GEM earring is available too.