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    One Punch Man – Saitama Cosplay Costume

    $110.00 $74.99

    Cosplay as the legendary One Punch man, aka, Saitama! He is the undisputed strongest man on Earth and he annihilates monsters with a single punch. Cosplay as the Caped Baldy with this set of Saitama's hero costume consisting of the yellow jumpsuit, black belt, white cape and a pair of red gloves.

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    One Punch Man – Tatsumaki Tornado Of Terror Cosplay Costume

    $99.00 $59.99

    In One Punch Man, Tatsumaki is well-known for being the 2nd most powerful hero under the Hero Association. Our featured cosplay product is Tatsumaki's stylish black, long-sleeved dress with her trademark slits so you can look exactly like the Tornado of Terror.

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