Rock Lee Cosplay Costume

Rock Lee Cosplay Costume

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The ‘unique’ ninja Rock Lee wears a stretchy green ninja jumper bestowed upon him by his beloved sensei Maito Gai. Add a jounin vest on this super comfortable costume to cosplay as Jounin Rock Lee or even Special Jounin Maito Gai. Comes with the red Konoha headband long enough to be tied around the waist!

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Product Description

- Rock Lee's one piece green jumper
- Konoha red waist headband
- Orange leg warmers

- Naruto Kunai (1:1 scale)
- Naruto Ninja Sandals (Black)

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Rock Lee Biography (Naruto)

- Rock Lee Bio by Tsunade

Name: Rock Lee
Age: 14
Birthday: 27 November
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Rank: Genin
From: Leaf
Teacher: Maito Gai
Teammates: Hyuuga Neji, Tenten
Only uses : Taijutsu
Power jutsus : Primary and Secondary lotus

Background: Dropout from school who can only use taijutsu but trains to be strong. Believes that a dropout can defeat a genius through hard work.

The Deal with him: Too unique for Haruno Sakura's tastes but touched Sakura ultimately to care for him, Rock Lee is one who never gives up. In that way, he's like Uzumaki Naruto. Though a dropout who couldn't use ninjutsu, Lee's ambition was to be an excellent ninja. His perserverence (and fuzzy eyebrows) grabbed the attention of Maito Gai, his teacher, who trains him hard to be the most powerful taijutsu specialist at the Chuunin exams.

Unfortunately for Lee, he was matched up against Gaara during the final Chuunin exams preliminaries. Gaara used sand as an absolute defense to soften Lee's attacks and crushed Lee's arms and legs with his Desert Coffin technique. Having already opened life gates, Lee was heavily injured and would have been killed had Gai not stopped Gaara. Lee was injured so badly that even Tsunade the medical specialist had reservations about doing an operation on him and advised him to live a life other than a Shinobi's. Lee now must face the choice between choosing another life or taking the risk between fulfilling his dreams and dying.

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Past Reviews

I just bought this cosplay!!! and I JUST CANT WAIT TO TRY IT ON!!! IM going to an anime convention so...I know everyone will like this Cosplay hehe


I think Rock lee is the best, he never gives up even when he in a difficulties, i wish i will meet a boy like him.
He fights good i also want to fight like him and then i will beat everyone then no one can't touch me like 'U CAN'T TOUCH THIS'

When my husband got this for me, I was a bit skeptical! But ever since I put it on I can't take it off!! I use it everyday when I workout. 10/10 defintely!