Haruno Sakura Cosplay (Naruto Shippuuden)

Haruno Sakura Cosplay (Naruto Shippuuden)

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In Naruto Shippuuden, Haruno Sakura redeemed herself from being known as the useless ninja after 2 years of tutelage under Godaime Hokage Tsunade. Now the strong Sakura is a great character to cosplay as, especially in her new outfit! Made from mainly a comfortable cotton material, this is a great ninja outfit for all Sakura cosplayers. The red top can even be worn as your daily shirt!

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Includes: - Red top (with zip) - Black Shorts - Pink semi skirt - Pink arm warmers - Black gloves Optional: - Red Konoha Headband    

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Haruno Sakura Biography (Naruto Shippuuden)

- Haruno Sakura Bio by Tsunade

Name: Haruno Sakura
Age: 15
Birthday: 28 March
Zodiac: Aries
Rank: Chunnin
From: Leaf
Master: Godaime Hokage Tsunade
Team: Team Kakashi
Teammates: Hatake Kakashi (leader), Uzumaki Naruto,
Former Teammate: Uchiha Sasuke
Best friend and rival : Yamanaka Ino

In Naruto Shippuuden, Haruno Sakura redeems herself from being the weak “female ninja with no special talent”. After more than 2 years of training (2.5 years in the manga and 3 years in the anime) under the tutelage of Godaime Hokage Tsunade afterUchiha Sasuke left Konoha, Sakura’s “Inner Sakura” strength is no longer contained in her schizophrenic mind. She can now punch through boulders of rock; with the damage done by a violent punch almost rivaling that of Uzumaki Naruto’s Rasengan, bringing a whole new definition to “Girl Power”.

Sakura is also no longer fussing over her “Sasuke-kun”, now that Sasuke has defected to Orochimaru’s gang and gets no screentime.

Donning a new 2 piece outfit that is now less reminiscent of a Chinese ‘Cheongsam’, Sakura’s achievements in Naruto Shippuuden is enough to make one cry with joy and forgive her for being an irritating dumb pinkhead in the 1st 100 over episodes. Armed with Tsunade’s medical ninja healing skills, Sakura’s resume now includes healing ‘puppet-freak’ Kankurou from ‘puppet-freakier’ Sasori of the Red Sand’s deadly venom. She also managed to kill the latter, who is an Akatsuki member, together with Grandma Chiyo. Now that’s a remarkable feat for a relatively newcomer in ninja business; considering how her teacher, Hatake Kakashi, got totally owned by another Akatsuki member, the dashing cool Uchiha Itachi.

Sasuke and Naruto should be so jealous of her now.

Past Reviews

i cant wait to go to the glass city con in this.

I LOVE Sakura Haruno and the model. (^0^)They're both so cute
though, I wish people would stop hating her. ):
Tsunade, could her write nice things about Sakura instead of bashing the character. I would buy the sakura costume, but i don't want to now knowing this website hates her.

I love the Sakura costume, but I hate the bio. Stop bashing, and shame on this mean hatul website. If you want to sell your product, do not say a negitiave thing about a character, otherwise your customer, like me, will not but it. Please remove the awful mean bio. =(

cute Sakura Haruno cosplayer

Lmao me and mah friend ( i was cosplaying as sakura my friend as ino XD )

We walked around the city and everyone wus like 0.0

I love sakura shippuunden costum I also love saskay he is so hot I carnt belev he is two years younger than sakura I think its a mistayc they make a good cupul together.

I've actually received this costume, so I can say for sure that looks are NOT deceiving. Very durable, realistic fabric. The proportions are the best I've seen, and basically everything was just as good or better than I imagined. Sizes CAN run a little small, so watch out when you're ordering. It's best to have a little extra fabric that you can tailor yourself than have a costume that is just plain too small.

thats the best costume of sakura i've ever seen! nice model to,
if it wasnt so much i'd buy it

As soon as I get the funds, I'm totally buying this! n_n I loved Sakura in Shippuuden, and this would be an awesome-looking costume to wear. I might even wear the top to school.

the cosplayer looks really cute

i love the costume!i can't wait for Halloween so i can wear this's amazing!it i made out of cotton and i don't have to wait a month to just get a costume that won't fit but you guy did get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too cute! I love it, and it seems pretty comfortable. Too bad I'm broke...

this costume rocks

This outfit is amazing! The proportions are all in tact and the fabric is very realistic.Awesome work!