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    Black ANBU Cloak Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $56.99

    Some ANBU personnel wears the white cloaks while others wear the black ones. While we haven’t figured out if there are any representative differences in departments, we’d choose the black one if we have a chance because it is just that much cooler! White ANBU cloak available here

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    Temari Costume (Naruto Shippuuden)

    $109.00 $71.99

    Temari, Kazekage Gaara's elder sister, returns in Naruto Shippuuden donning a full legnth black kimono with a slit at the side for shinobi fighting movability. This great 4 piece Temari costume is made of the highest quality and includes a netting leg warmer! Cosplay as the sand ninja with this costume!

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    Ten Ten Cosplay Costume

    $86.00 $57.99

    Cosplay as Tenten, one of the main supporting characters of Naruto, with this two-piece oriental-style costume. The set includes a pink sleeveless top and a green 3/4 pants. Just tie-up those cute little Chinese buns, pick up that giant scroll and you’re good to go. You can also mix and match this versatile costume with your other clothes and costumes. The bottom is casual enough to wear on lazy everyday strolls and the pink top can be paired-off with a Chinese-style skirt!

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    Naruto – Zetsu Akatsuki Cloak

    $120.00 $68.99

    Everybody wants to be an Akatsuki member! Our latest featured Akatsuki cloak is inspired by the group's spy extraordinaire, Zetsu, who is the only member wearing especially long arm sleeves, to hide his whatever. The cloak is below knee-length and it has a red zipper in the middle with a red interior. We also guarantee awesome quality!

    Round up your friends to cosplay as the rest of the Akatsuki members like Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Pain, Konan, Tobi, Kisame, Hidan, Kakuzu and even Orochimaru using our default Akatsuki cloak here!

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    Konoha Ninja Cloak Cosplay Costume (Naruto Shipppuuden)

    $95.99 $58.99

    The Konoha ninjas get a swanky new white cloak with a hoodie in Naruto Shippuuden, which makes them look even more awesome as they flipped through forests and snowscapes. Upgrade your Naruto cosplay with this cloak!

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    Uchiha Sasuke Cosplay Costume

    $65.80 $39.99

    Before Uchiha Sasuke turned renegade on Konoha, he preferred a simple dark blue top with white pants as his style. This cosplay costume replicate the Sasuke look with the signature Uchiha raised collar and the Uchiha clan crest printed largely on the back. Comes with arm warmers too!

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    Ten Ten Cosplay Costume (Naruto Shippuuden)

    $85.00 $61.99

    Ten Ten is probably the Chinese ninja (if there's such a thing) of the Naruto family. She returns in Naruto Shippuuden with a new white and maroon Chinese-style costume, replacing her former pink one. Which do you prefer?

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    Temari Cosplay Costume (Chuunin Exam version)

    $98.00 $58.99

    Cosplay as the young Temari, the feisty jonin of Sand Village and older sister of Kazekage Gaara, with this fabulous purple ninja uniform creatively complemented with netting. Now you have the right to be full of air when your parade as the wind type jutsu user in a perfectly comfortable costume made of finest materials! You can also wear this pretty dress in casual weekend outings.

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    Godaime Hokage Tsunade Cosplay

    $112.00 $62.99

    The female from the legendary Sannin turned Hokage, Tsunade-sama can be cosplayed by you with this short sleeved blouse and green cloak with the kanji word for 'Gambling' stitched at the back. Includes the black three-quarters and sash as well. The outer green cloak can even be used as a jacket when you're not cosplaying!

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    Hyuuga Hinata Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $59.99

    Cosplay as the shy and timid successor of the Hyuuga family, Uzumaki Naruto’s not-so-secret admirer, Hyuuga Hinata. This beautiful jacket white which she wears will not only enable you to cosplay as the adorable Hinata, but also keep you warm as a daily jacket! Comes with Hinata’s black 3/4 pants.

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    Gaara Cosplay Costume (version 2)

    $109.00 $65.99

    Gaara of the Desert used to be all messed up in the head. But he reformed and came to the aid of the Konoha ninja in the Sasuke chase arc in Naruto. This version of Gaara's costume is what he wore during that arc. Includes a deep maroon jumper suit, together with the mesh netted arm and leg warmers in true blue ninja style.

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    Kabuto Yakushi Cosplay Costume

    $85.00 $60.99

    As a spy, Yakushi Kabuto’s choice of gear meant he should be as understated as possible. Yet this get-up is unmistakably his. If you’re already bespectacled to begin with, the enigmatic Kabuto is the perfect character to cosplay as! This Kabuto cosplay costume set from Naruto includes a 6 piece array, including his navy blue gloves.

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    Ninja Sleeveless Shirt Cosplay Costume

    $49.00 $35.99

    Complete your Naruto shinobi cosplay with this netted mesh inner shirt, often spotted peeking out of the outer clothes of the ninja in the Naruto series. Can’t remember who? Go check out screen shots of Uzumaki Naruto, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata, or the others. If you like thi enough, you can even wear it daily on its own!

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    Kankurou Cosplay Costume version 2 (Shippuuden)

    $99.00 $66.99

    Kankurou’s style seems to be black. In this version of his costume, while Kankurou ditched the circular symbols on his clothes when he was younger for a more complete ‘PJ’ feel, he still retained the cat-ears like hood. Because hey, who’s Kankurou without those cat ears-like hood right?

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    Hyuuga Neji Cosplay Costume

    $69.00 $49.99

    Cosplay and dress up as Hyuuga Neji from the Naruto series! With just a simple costume consisting of a short-sleeve top and a bottom, this costume would certainly be a good choice for those not willing to go through too much hassle with their costume, yet able to portray the genius and cool master of the Byakugan!

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    Naruto – Kyuubi Mode Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $64.99

    Kyuubi Chakra Mode is Naruto Uzumaki's signature transformation that allows him to tap on the powers of the legendary Nine-Tails. Cosplay as Naruto in Kyuubi mode with this costume set featured in the series. Naruto's outfit consists of a black longsleeve bodysuit complete with orange markings, his signature orange jacket with black interior, a pair of black fingerless gloves and his trusty forehead protector.

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    Boruto – Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay Costume

    $155.00 $87.99

    Sasuke Uchiha returns in Boruto: Naruto the Movie to help rescue his best friend, Naruto, from the bad guys. Cosplay as the handsome and suave Sasuke with this set of costume featured in the Boruto movie. His outfit consists of a purple longsleeved jacket, a lavender coloured vest, a pair of dark brown trousers, a black fingerless glove and a black rope.

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    Hatake Kakashi Jounin Cosplay Costume

    $109.00 $76.99

    This 3-piece ninja Jounin cosplay costume not only lets you cosplay as Hatake Kakashi, everybody's favourite sensei; but also as the other Konoha ninja such as Maito Gai, Umino Iruka, Nara Shikamaru and others! Kakashi's navy blue ninja mask, ninja sandals and Konoha headband are available separately too.

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    Naruto Shippuden – Shikamaru Nara (Chuunin) Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $89.99

    In the popular Naruto Shippuden series, Shikamaru Nara is the underachiever leader of the Konohagakure. Famous for being extremely lazy and talented at the same time, he is one of the more popular secondary character in the series. Cosplay as the quick witted shinobi with his set of attire from the Chuunin exams in the early arc. Comes with a black mesh top, grey pants and of course, the jounin jacket.

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    Naruto Movie The Last – Hinata Hyuuga Cosplay Costume

    $125.00 $72.99

    Hinata Hyuuga is finally the wife of Naruto! The heiress to the Hyuuga Clan and Boruto's mommy sports a lovely outfit that brings out the best of her figure. Cosplay as “Mrs Uzumaki Naruto” with this Hinata costume set as seen on The Last Naruto Movie. The high quality outfit consists of a lavender kimono-style sleeveless top with purple obi-wrap, a pair of purple shorts, and a pair of black stockings.

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    Naruto Movie The Last – Naruto Uzumaki Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $64.99

    Naruto Uzumaki went for a drastic fashion change after the great Shinobi war; ditching his orange jumper for a more matured look. Even his hair is different now. And Hinata loves it even more! Cosplay as Naruto, the 7th Hokage (finally). The cosplay set consists of a black jacket with orange zipper, a pair of orange cropped pants, red scarf and a red Uzumaki armband.

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    Naruto – Neji Hyuuga Cosplay Costume Shippuden Version

    $119.00 $67.19

    Neji Hyuuga is one of the popular secondary characters of the anime and manga series, Naruto. He is from the Hyuuga clan and is undisputedly their most powerful member. Despite his natural talent, he is bound to only serve the clan as he is born from a branch house. Cosplay as the talented shinobi, Neji with his part ii attire consisting of white shirt and pants set and grey waist apron.

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    Uzumaki Naruto Summer Cosplay Costume (Movie 3 version)

    $79.00 $49.99

    Naruto Uzumaki's summer look in the 3rd Naruto Movie is probably one of his freshest look! Unlike Sasuke's ever-changing wardrobe, we can probably tick off Naruto's official outfit changes with 1 hand and still have fingers to spare. So if you'd like to cosplay as Naruto but would like a change from his usual orange jumper, try out this fun short sleeved version featuring Naruto's signature orange colour and Uzumaki (swirl) design. And it's perfect for summer cosplay season too!

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    Yondaime Hokage Cloak

    $90.00 $58.99

    Yondaime wears a white cloak with fiery red flames sprouting from the bottom of the cloak and the words 'Yondaime Hokage' in Japanese Kanji at the back of the cloak. The flames and words are printed on this Yondaime costume. A blue silky layer is sewn on the inside of the cloak for comfort. This costume is freesize for all size!

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    Sai Cosplay Costume (Naruto Shippuuden)

    $115.00 $74.99

    Dress up and cosplay as the emotionless Sai from the hit series Naruto Shippuuden! This Sai costume will be a great partnership if the others around are dressed up or cosplaying as Naruto. Complete the cosplay costume with the forehead protector, Kunai and other Naruto accessories!

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    Uchiha Sasuke Cosplay (Naruto Shippuuden)

    $153.00 $98.99

    Most of us will go through a love-hate relationship with Uchiha Sasuke; aspiring Konoha ninja turned renegade avenger. But no matter how you feel about him, you gotta admit his new get-up in Naruto Shippuden is HOT. I mean, chest-revealing white flowy tops definitely pwnz orange jumpers any day. This costume is made of very high quality material, so go cosplay as Sasuke in angst-mode!

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    Aburame Shino Cosplay Costume

    $88.00 $56.99

    Dress up and cosplay as the cool Aburame Shino, controller of the bugs, one of the main supporting characters from the popular Naruto series. Show off that mysterious air by adding sunglasses to your outfit and keeping the bottom part of face well concealed behind the high upturned sea-green collar jacket. Complete your outfit with the addition of the Konoha headband, and Kunai firmly in hand!

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    Kankurou Cosplay Costume

    $99.00 $68.99

    Cosplay as Kankurou, elder brother of Gaara. Dress up all tough, fierce and as the puppet master with this black bodysuit with 3/4 sleeve and pants length. Made for durability with the bagginess of the cut allowing more freedom on flexibility, less restriction, comfort and full body movement. Round up the rest of your mates to form your Sand Nin team of Gaara and Temari!

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    Ninja short-sleeve shirt costume

    $49.00 $35.99

    You’re not a complete ninja without this. The shinobi in the Naruto series wears this netted / mesh-like ninja shirt, which can be seen peeking out from under their clothes when they zip down a little. Heck, sometimes assorted ninjas like Nara Shikamaru, Mitarashi Anko just wear this as their main ninja wear. You can either cosplay as your favorite ninja with this or wear it as a normal shirt if you like too!

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    Shizune Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $56.99

    Tsunade-sama’s right hand woman is the kimono-wearing pig-holding Shizune. Sorry, but that’s my impression of her. But hey, though Shizune is not into the provocative style like the younger ninjas (think Ino’s hot midriff), she is subtly attractive, and doesn’t allow herself to be overshadowed by Tsunade at all! So try out cosplaying as Shizune!

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    Mizukage Terumi Mei Cosplay Costume

    $119.00 $68.99

    The 5th Mizukage, Terumi Mei gives the 5th Hokage, Tsunade a run for her money when it comes to having assets worth flaunting. This Terumi Mei Cosplay Costume brings you a replica of the ninja suit from the Naruto Shippuuden series with comfort in mind. Take on the other kages and show ’em that the Hidden Village of the Mist is not to be trifled with! Mizukage hat available as an optional accessory.

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    Kazekage Gaara Cosplay Costume

    $145.00 $75.99

    Gaara of the Desert wears a cool outfit in Naruto Shippuuden after he was promoted to Kazekage. This costume is a replica of the clothes which Kazekage Gaara wore. Comfortable and made of the finest material, this is one of the best you will be able to find!

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