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    Boku no Hero Academia – UA School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $69.00 $48.99

    From Boku No Hero Academia comes these school uniforms from the prestigious UA Academy! Cosplay as Midoriya Izuku, Bakugou Katsuki, Ochako Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, Todoroki Shouto, or any of the other hero students! Choose from the male and female uniforms!
    *Under Color, choose Female for the female uniform, and M for male uniform

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    My Hero Academia – UA Gym Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $61.99

    Cosplay as Bakugou Katsuki, Iida Tenya, Todoroki Shouto, Izuku Midoriya or the rest of the UA hero students in this comfortable gym sports wear featured in Boku No Hero Academia! Available in standard siew in BOTH male and female cutting. (Choose M under Colour for Male size)

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    Boku No Hero Academia Shouto Todoroki Cosplay Wig

    $35.00 $26.99

    Shouto Todoroki is a student at UA Academy training to become a Pro Hero from Boku No Hero Academia anime series. This half white, half red wig is specially fabricated for Houto Todoroki cosplayers. This wig is breathable and has an adjustable belt inside that can fit most head sizes. Now round up the rest of your hero friends and rock that cosplay convention!

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    Boku no Hero Academia – Izuku Midoriya Battle Suit Cosplay Costume

    $150.00 $94.99

    Now you can cosplay and be like timid yet strong-willed protagonist of My Hero Academia, Midoriya Izuku or also known as Deku! This good quality costume features Deku in his battle suit as seen in the series. This battle suit consists of green top and bottoms, red belt, elbow pads, knee pads and mask with a smile on it. Both male and female sizes available! (Choose M under “Color” for Male size)

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    My Hero Academia – Izuku Midoriya Cosplay Costume

    $199.00 $117.99

    Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. Aspiring to be a superhero, he is under the mentorship of his idol, All Might. Cosplay as Deku with this set of costume featured in the anime series. The outfit consists of his green body suit, black elbow and knee pads, red utility belt, a pair of white gloves and his trademark head mask.

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