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    Mio Isurugi Cosplay Costume (MM! School Uniform – Female)

    $117.00 $76.99

    Violent Mio Isurugi will prove to be a fun character to cosplay as. If you're looking for a good quality yet cost-effective version of Mio Isurugi's pink blazer school uniform, then this is your perfect choice! Check out the close-up pictures of the costume's fabric below.

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    Taro Sado Cosplay Costume (MM! School Uniform – Male)

    $138.00 $88.99

    Cosplay as the masochist Taro Sado or his school mates with tis school uniform from the Japanese light novel MM! This cosplay costume comes in a complete 4-piece set, and is tailored with great quality fabric. Take a look at the close up shots of the material below.

About MM! Cosplay Costumes presents to you smart and comfortable uniforms of MM! Our costumes allow you to cosplay as Sado Taro and his equally weird friends, or wear them out to sneak into Japanese schools!