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  • Arika Yumemiya Meister Cosplay Costume


    Arika Yumemiya, the Otome who inherited her mother, Rena Sayers' Sapphire of Azure Blue Sky GEM, became the Meister of Queen Mashiro. Cosplay as Arika in this super high quality and comfortable lycra-material Meister Robe. The quality of this costume is unrivalled and we promise only the best! The GEM earring is available too.

  • Yukino Chrysant Cosplay Costume

    Yukino Chrysant, the president of Aries Republic in Mai Otome has an 'office lady' appeal which makes men go wild with passion. Cosplay as the bespectacled master of Haruka Armitage in our superb costume. The details and quality of this 5 piece costume are the truest to the anime!

  • Natsuki Kruger Ice Silver Crystal Meister Cosplay Costume


    Natsuki Kruger, the headmistress of Garderobe and one of the 5 Column's Meister has a great blue ROBE when she materializes into the Ice Silver Crystal. Cosplay as this cool Meister Otome in this elaborate high quality costume! The grey lycra-like material on the inside will give the cosplayer a comfortable long-wearing experience never known before!

  • Yukariko Steinberg Meister Cosplay Costume


    Yukariko Steinberg materializes into an otome Meister with the Dazzling Mirage Lapis Lazuli ROBE. This 4 piece outfit includes a very comfortable soft white lycra-tights for that extra comfort in fighting as a Meister! All material are guaranteed to be the best in the market.

  • Shizuru Viola Graceful Amethyst Meister Cosplay Costume


    Meister Shizuru Viola is the first Otome and Meister to be introduced in Mai Otome and probably everybody's favourite Meister. It is immense fun to cosplay as her in her beautiful lavendar ROBE! Her Graceful Amethyst GEM earring is available too! The comfortable lycra material under the purple ROBE will ensure comfortable long wear. You can find no better material than this!

  • Haruka Armitage Otome Maid Cosplay


    The headstrong Meister Haruka Armitage of the Aries republic from the Mai Otome manga and anime series is a fun character to cosplay as. This rare green Otome Maid uniform is beautiful and made from high superior material for long confortable wear. Strut your feisty nature in this great costume!

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    Natsuki Kruger Garderobe Headmistress Cosplay

    $110.00 $72.99

    Cosplay as Meister Ice Silver Crystal Natsuki Kruger, also the headmistress of Garderobe, the Otome School in this high grade 4-piece outfit. The blue coat can also be worn as your jacket when the weather is cold and you'll be as cool as one of the 4 pillars!

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    Shizuru Viola Otome Maid Cosplay

    $98.00 $69.99

    Meister Shizuru Viola always looks intensively desirable and submissive but strong in her Otome Maid uniform when she is not 'materialising'. Cosplay as Natsuki's right-hand woman, the beautiful Shizuru in this super high-quality costume! Shizuru's Graceful Amethyst GEM earring is available too!

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    Tokiha Mai School Uniform (Fuka Academy)

    $78.00 $63.99

    Tokiha Mai, the title character of Mai HiMe attend the private school, Fuka Academy, where she discovered her HiMe powers. You can now cosplay as Tokiha Mai or her other fellow HiMe friends with this beautiful high quality Fuka Academy school uniform! The 3 piece costume is superbly comfortable and the best you can find!

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    Mashiro Blan de Windbloom Costume

    $95.00 $69.99

    Put your nose in the air and flaunt around like Princess Mashiro Blan de Windbloom from Mai Otome in her royal casual outfit. Show your regal character by confidently pulling off this unlikely yet appealing combination of strips of cloth as top, sash and belt with matching powder blue baggy pants and white long coat. The coat has an excellently designed blue green collar and sleeve puffs. This ensemble can be separated and be fashionably paired up with other clothes!

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    Yuuichi Tate Cosplay Costume

    $108.00 $65.99

    Mai-HiMe Tate Yuuichi Cosplay Costume / Fuuka Academy male school uniform.

    Cosplay as the blonde haired member of the Fuuka Academy Student Council in his white shirt, yellow vest attire. Get all your buddies to cosplay as all other characters from Mai- HiMe now!

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    Garderobe Coral Otome Maid School Uniform

    $98.00 $69.99

    Be an Otome-in-training with this beautiful red Coral student uniform from the Otome school Garderobe! The details on the uniform are exactly right out of the anime, down to the frills on the Maid-like apron. The material is of the highest quality too! Cosplay as Arika Yumemiya, Nina Wong, or the other Otome students!

About Mai HiMe / Mai Otome Cosplay Costumes

Though Mai HiMe and Mai Otome are of different stories, Mai Otome stars some of the familiar characters from Mai HiMe. The costumes are made of the highest quality with bright colors, as seen in the anime. Once you put on the costumes, you will definitely feel like an Otome, or one of the magical talented girls in Mai HiMe.