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  • Ranka Lee Cosplay Costume

    Everyday is cheerful and lively for sixteen year old Ranka Lee, the adopted younger sister of SMS Ozma Lee. Dress-up and portray this energetic little darling in this delicately designed outfit. The costume includes a peach-colored blouse top and an orange skirt, and yes it also includes a pair of arm warmers and wrist ribbons. for that complete Ranka Lee look.

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    Michael Blanc Cosplay Costume (School Uniform)

    $89.00 $58.99

    Cosplay as Michael Blanc (or Michel Blanc) from Macross Frontier, the high school student from Mihoshi Academy’s pilot training course. A childhood friend of Klang Klang, Michael is also a reputable ladies man and an excellent marksman. This costume is made with quality and comfort in mind, suitable to the point of being able to be worn on a day-to-day basis!

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    Luca Angelloni Cosplay Costume School Uniform

    $86.90 $56.99

    Step into the world of Luca Angelloni, the little cadet pilot trainee from the Macross Frontier series. This cosplay costume, also the school uniform of Luca, consists of a short sleeved top, a pair of shorts and a green tie. A simple combination transforms into a great Macross Frontier cosplaying experience!

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    Saotome Alto Cosplay Costume

    $89.00 $58.99

    Look sleek and sharp in these two-piece costume and portray the extremely striking metrosexual Saotome Alto, pilot of the latest variable fighter VF-25. The set consists of a white short-sleeved buttoned shirt, a matching red necktie and a pair of blue slacks, which you can also probably use on “come in your school outfit” costume parties.

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    Ranka Lee Cosplay Costume (orange uniform)

    $98.50 $68.99

    Cosplay as Ranka Lee, the cute singing sensation from Macross Frontier donning her beautiful orange uniform. This cosplay costume is comfortable yet fun to cosplay with. Remove the top orange blouse and you have a second brown dress with incredibly beautiful laces running down the back! Incredible price for 2 Ranka Lee looks!

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    Saotome Alto Cosplay Costume SMS Uniform

    $98.00 $72.99

    This version of Saotome Alto Cosplay features the Macross Frontier Saotome Alto S.M.S. Uniform. Cosplay as the hot high school pilot in training who has won the hearts of both Ranka Lee and the Galactic Fairy Sheryl Nome. The material used is durable and comfortable for days of cosplaying as the pretty boy Saotome Alto!

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