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    Kimono Dress – Akiyama Akaru (Autumn Red)

    $140.00 $89.99

    Make a bold statement by donning this Autumn Red Akiyama Akaru Kimono Dress! Inspired by modern style, this new age kimono dress is thigh-length, decorated in floral pattern with frilly lace at the ends and it comes with a beautifully designed obi belt wrap to fasten the dress into a playful butterfly ribbon at the back. To top it off, it comes with a matching lolita head dress that flows with the overall look.

    Create your own character with this bold red neo-classical Japanese kimono dress!

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    Kimono Dress – Sakura Hana (Cherry Blossoms)

    $120.00 $74.99

    Our Sakura Hana Kimono Dress is a creative fusion of the classical Japanese style with a modern twist. The Yukata top is adorned in pink cherry blossom patterns over the black of the night. The big big sleeves on the kimono are worn only by the upper class. The knee-length skirt features the same cherry blossoms but in a sweeter hue of the day. It comes complete with a matching obi wrap.

    Create your own character with this lovely neo-classical Final Fantasy-esque kimono dress!

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    Traditional Shrine Miko Cosplay Costume

    $140.00 $78.99

    This traditional shrine miko costume is staple for most of the anime and manga series out there. Rurouni Kenshin's Kaoru, Sailor Moon's Rei Hino and Love Hina's Aoyama are just some of the popular anime heroines who has worn the miko attire in their respective series. Cosplay as a traditional swordswoman with this set of cosplay costume consisting of a white outer kimono top, a red kimono innerwear and an ankle length skirt.

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    Japanese Kimono Dress – Yoruhana Night Flowers

    $110.00 $86.99

    Why do we need to redesign the traditional Japanese kimono? So that you can show off your legs of cause! Our Yoruhana Kimono Dress is designed with stunning white florals on a dark-night setting. This kimono-inspired outfit makes for a great fashion statement, with the knee-length design kimono is versatile enough for almost any use including anime conventions, costume parties and personal photo shoots. Comes with the mandatory black obi wrap ribbon. So create your own characters with this beautiful get-up!

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    Lolita Dress – Lady Clover (Red Checkered)

    $130.00 $115.99

    Pamper yourself with the Lady Clover Dress, a beautiful red checkered plaid-pattern dress in vibrant red with black linings. Using a can can skirt, wearers of this dress can project a classy 'Victorian-style' vibe that is full of confidence. The outfit is perfect for almost any occasions like anime conventions and personal photoshoots and the overall look is topped off with a matching plaid-style neck choker.

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    Lolita Dress – Mademoiselle Blanc White with Black Trimmings

    $138.00 $94.99

    Turn heads left and right with this beautiful long-sleeved white dress with black lining and frilly ends. This fantastically inspired design looks something out of a Final Fantasy game. Perfect for photoshoots, a unique fusion get-up for a party or design your own characters for cosplay conventions!

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    Japanese Male Winter School Uniform (Black)

    $129.00 $69.99

    Look all cool with this Japanese style male school uniform! Cosplay in this comfortable and breathable black long sleeve with red inner lining layer button-up top with bronze buttons running down the front side of the top. Dress up as a regular Japanese high school student or design your own character!

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    Lolita Kimono Cosplay Costume

    $190.00 $109.99

    Dress yourself up in this Black and White Lolita Kimono Cosplay Costume with mini oriental styled floral motifs. Long wide sleeves with frilly black lace ends and Kimono style front. Comfortable and easy to wear even for a casual outing out. Create your own characters and have lots of fun in this unique fusion Lolita Kimono!

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    Japanese Male Winter School Uniform (White)

    $90.00 $65.99

    Look sleek and sharp in this set of white Japanese male winter school uniform! A simple 2-piece white suit. a.k.a Gakuran as worn by older and more mature students in Japan with colors usually ranging from from dark hues, black or dark blue or white. Look smart as the intellectual middle or high school boys with this long sleeved, top standing collar shirt with clothed buttons down the front, complimented by matching straight cut pants!

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    Star Wars – Jedi Robe (Light Brown) Cosplay Costume

    $80.00 $49.99

    Check out our high quality fleece Jedi Robe Cloak for you to cosplay as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, or the other Jedi! Choose from either light 40-inch long cloak or dark 55-inch long cloak! Definitely not to be missed by all Star Wars fans! Brought to you by Sega

    While stocks last only!

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    Gothic Lolita Dress – Lady Opal Victorian Inspired Dress

    $130.00 $113.99

    If you're looking for something Gothic, this is it. Featuring a Victorian-style inspired design, this beautiful and very feminine shiny black dress oozes confidence and elegance and is sure to turn heads in conventions. Outfit comes with a matching black neck choker and a can can skirt for that Victorianesque look.

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    Lolita Dress – Little Miss Dorothy Victorian Inspired Dress

    $135.00 $115.99

    This awesome looking dress is like something out of a fairy tail cartoon. Very elegant and feminine in satin red and yellow, it's easily an outfit for almost any occassion. Inspired by the old but fashionable Victorian-era, the dress has a neck strap and a waist ribbon with beautiful frills at the ends. The costume comes complete with a can can skirt for that 'Victorianesque' flair

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    Lolita Dress – Lady Ada Victorian Inspired Dress

    $130.00 $113.99

    Inspired by the classic Victorian-style fashion, this classy looking black and white dress is sure to impress onlookers at anime conventions or at photo shoots. The outfit is also a fitting dress to suit up as an elegant French maid and is also flexible enough to be used to cosplay certain video game or anime characters. Comes complete with a matching black and white headdress and can can skirt.

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    Victorian Lolita Dress – Little Miss Charlotte Pink

    $140.00 $122.99

    Lovely is the word that comes to mind when looking at this exquisite Victorian-style dress. In feminine and youthful baby pink, this outfit is versatile enough for both cosplay use and for fashion photo shoot. Inspired by the old and classic design of the Victorian era, wearers can use the included can can skirt for that elegant look. Comes with a matching neck choker as well to complement your overall desired fashion statement!

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    Lolita Dress – Lady Charity (Victorian Inspired Dress)

    $140.00 $98.99

    This stunning Victorian style dress features a lovely black and white colour combination for that minimalist look but takes on a new level of its own when combined with the shawl and neck choker that has exquisite frilly laces which complements the overall look.

    Unleash your creativity and create your own character with this Lady Charity Dress. Fantastic for conventions and photo shoots or for an afternoon tea with your fellow Cosplay-aficionado friends.

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    Victorian Lolita Dress – Aristocrat Anastasia (Red)

    $190.00 $158.99

    Style comes at the cost of comfort; that's the reason why traditional Victorian clothing has the women using corsets for minimum waistline. Our featured Aristocrat Anastasia Dress has none of that traditional fuss, while bringing you back in time to an era of tea parties and ball dances.

    With a silky smooth satin gown in wine red and charcoal black, this Victorian inspired design is perfect for that mature Royalty look. Create your own aristocratic characters for anime cons or photo shoots!

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    Victorian Lolita Dress – Aristocrat Elizabeth (Pink)

    $185.00 $155.99

    Nothing screams 'feminine' more than the colour pink. And a hot shade of pink is donned by the most confident of ladies. Combined with the extremely classy Victorian style design without the traditional fuss of wearing corsets, this exotic dress with frilly ends and complementing black collar ribbon lining has the making of a royal figure cosplay.

    Go back in time to an era of horse carriages and tea parties and live your princess dream in this stunning Aristocrat Elizabeth Dress. Awesome to wear when attending not just anime conventions but also special gatherings and fancy high tea with your fellow cosplay mates. For that classical vibe, look no further.

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    Lolita Dress – Beatrice Black High Collared

    $150.00 $113.99

    This beautiful high collared black dress was inspired by gothic fashion with a hint of the French Maid genre which is highly popular in Japan. The outfit is long-sleeved with white frills at the ends, invoking a sweet demure character with a subtle twist for the dark. Perfect for creating your own character for conventions and photoshoots, or to those parties!

    Comes with a little hat!

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    Lolita Dress – Sarah Ann Black

    $128.00 $81.99

    Our Sarah Ann Black Dress is all in silky black fabric with long-sleeved frilly ends, as well as adjustable waist band. Perfect for those looking to make a gothic fashion statement without going over the top. Or actually, go way over the top and accessorise yourself mad using this dress as the base if over the top is your goal!

    Whichever way you like it, this dress will be sure to turn heads!

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    Lolita Dress – Sweet Mathilda (Pink)

    $140.00 $94.99

    Make yourself the centre of attention with the Sweet Mathilda Dress. In light baby pink, this innocent looking dress has a definitive charm to it. From the top, the neck area is covered with white lacy materials up to the chest area and it has a bohemian-like long-sleeves with white cuffs with matching underskirt.

    Create your own character from a time of era-past, or doll yourself up as a Lolita fashionista!

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    Kimono Dress – Asagi Hinata (Yellow)

    $140.00 $89.99

    Turn heads around with this sunny yellow Asagi Hinata Kimono Dress; a modern take of the traditional Japanese kimono. Featuring a yellow thigh-length dress adorned in lovely pink floral pattern throughout with frilly lace ends. A stylish yellow obi wrap belt to secure the outfit, and a matching headband to compliment the overall look. Create your own character with this unique dress, or wear it as a Lolita cultural fusion dress!

  • Pia Carrot Waistress Maid Costume

    This blue and pink waitress maid costume is inspired from the Pia Carrot game and anime series. The 2 pc set includes the blue blouse and pink apron with red ribbon at the back. A beautiful cosplay costume not only for cosplaying as a Pia Carrot waitress but also for playing the waitress Maid fantasy!

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    Black Casual Lolita Cosplay Costume

    $115.50 $78.99

    Now if you’re shy and looking for an understated Lolita costume to start your journey into the world of Lolita parties, then this one here’s for you! Not only can you wear this on an average day to the mall, this dress can double up into a Lolita Goth garb with just the right make up and hairdo as well! Versatile is what we want.

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    Lolita Cosplay Costume – Black with Mini Top Hat

    $113.50 $69.99

    White frills, ribbons and lace. Those are some of my favorite things. And when they come together to turn into this beautiful black Lolita garb, what better than to top it all off with a mini Top Hat, Victorian style. Perfect for an Afternoon Tea Party!

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    Black and White Lolita Cosplay Costume – with Arm Warmers

    $115.50 $85.99

    The quirky fun sub culture fashion coined ‘Lolita’ by the Japanese takes flight around the world! Now run wild and pump hard the juice of your imagination and create your own Lolita character with this beautiful black Lolita costume. Go goth, moe or simply ‘kawaii’; however you like your new character to be!

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    Simple Lolita Black Dress

    $85.00 $65.99

    Yes, this will be your simplest dress in the Lolita category of your wardrobe. In fact, some will argue that this is simply, a dress. Yet, you don’t see alot of dresses so uniquely familiar. Inspired from the Lolita sub-culture fashion, this understated black dress is modest with hints of the Lolita style in the folds. Go simple this season!

  • Red Gothic Lolita Cosplay Costume

    The best color to go with Red is arguably Black. And this beautiful Gothic Lolita style-inspired dress is a beautiful concoction of red with black laces and ribbons running across it, accentuating the lines. Wear it as-is and it can pass off as a lovely red dress. Thicken up with your Goth make up and accessories and this red dress a prove a comfortable combination for your Gothic Lolita get-up.

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    Japanese French Maid Cosplay Costume – Sleeveless

    $85.00 $65.99

    This beautiful Japanese French Maid cosplay costume is totally classic. Bus instead of your usual demure sleeves, this maid goes sleeveless. flaunt your self-created Japanese Maid character or your original waitress character with this black and white Maid uniform!

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    Japanese French Maid Cosplay Costume – Brown

    $115.00 $84.99

    The Japanese French Maid are very much an integral part of the Otaku culture; from anime and manga depiction to the Maid cafes. Now’s your chance to create your own Maid or waitress character with this uniquely designed brown and white uniform which can also double up as a waitress uniform. Featuring the fluffy shoulder sleeves, go crazy with this rendition in our Maid uniform collection!

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    Japanese French Maid Cosplay Costume – Off Shoulder

    $85.00 $65.00

    Cos-play (costume-play) doesn’t stop at dressing up as popular characters. How about you create your own Maid or waitress character and slip yourself into the character? This Maid uniform allows you to wear it in an off-shoulder fashion, and is designed with the classic black and white details reminiscent in French Maid uniforms.

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    French Maid Cosplay Costume

    $89.50 $59.99

    “Care for some coffee, Master?” This pretty Maid uniform is modest and reveals nothing that you shouldn’t. Because some Maids care only about work. Now work along that line to create your own fantasy Japanese ‘French Maid’ character with this comfortable Maid Unform Cosplay costume.

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    Japanese French Maid/Waitress Cosplay Costume

    $125.50 $88.99

    Inspired from the Japanese style of French Maid uniforms, this creative Maid cosplay costume can double up as a waitress uniform from your fantasy cafe. This is the perfect unique costume for those wanting to be a Maid or waitress who stands out. Round up a team of your pals and form your own Maid Cafe team!

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