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    King of Fighters – Kyo Kusanagi Cosplay Costume (Version 2)

    $150.00 $83.99

    Kyo Kusanagi is the main protagonist of the King of Fighters franchise. Appearing in every game, he is pivotal to the plotline and is one of the most popular characters in game. Cosplay as the fire-wielding heir to the Kusanagi clan with his costume as seen in game. Consisting of a black jacket, inner vest, white tank top, a pair of pants and a pair of gloves as well as his trademark white headband.

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    King of Fighters Kusanagi Kyo costume

    $128.90 $72.99

    Cosplay as one of the main fighting characters from the King of Fighters video game series with this Kusanagi Kyo costume. Dress up as the over-confident, cocky young delinquent turned strong and confident winning fighter. Have fun dressing up as Kyo but be sure to not get into fights!

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    King of Fighters – Iori Yagami Cosplay Costume

    $145.00 $87.99

    Iori Yagami is one of the main playable characters from the SNK video game series, King of Fighters. He debuted in KoF '95 and is the rival of Kyo Kusanagi. Cosplay as the Yagami Clan's heir with this highly detailed set of Iori Yagami's attire from most of the KoF games. Consisting of a white long sleeved undershirt, a black button jacket and his unique pair of red pants with string.

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    Shiranui Mai Costume

    $130.00 $74.99

    Cosplay as Shiranui Mai, the sensual, desirable yet feared fighter from King of Fighters. The granddaughter of Shiranui Hanzo, the Ninjitsu expert and master, cosplaying in this costume is sure to draw eyes to the cosplayer! This is one for the daring cosplayer in you who can strut your thing from the high cut slits and low cut cleavage!

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