Kuran Kaname Cross Academy Male Night Class Uniform Costume

Kuran Kaname Cross Academy Male Night Class Uniform Costume

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This white Cross Academy school uniform is worn by the vampire students who attend the night classes in Cross Academy. The details on this costume is exquisite, with the diamond shaped silver buttons lining the the costume and beautiful rose buttons donning the sleeves. This 6 piece costume also comes with a black prefect armband. Cosplay as Kuran Kaname, Hanabusa Aido, Akatsuki Kain or create your own character with this costume!

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Product Description

- Black inner shirt
- White vest
- White outer shirt
- White pants
- Red tie

- Cross Academy Night Class Black Prefect Armband
- Kuran Kaname Cross Academy Night Class Tie Fastener

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Kuran Kaname Biography (Vampire Knight)

- Kuran Kaname Bio by Dyosa

Name: Kuran Kaname
Age: Physically 18 but he's way, way older than that!
Type: Pureblood, Level A vampire
Occupation: President of Moon Dormitory and Night Class
Hobby: Reading. Keeping the Night Class in line. Waiting for the right time to claim Yuki.
Abilities: Being a pureblood, he can enforce authority on lesser rank vampires with just a look. He can destroy things with just a wave of his hand.


Kaname is well respected by the Night Class. He shares the same ideals with Cross Academy headmaster, Kaien Cross that vampire and human can coexist without killing each other.

He has all the symptoms of a vampire in love. He’s very reserve and intimidating to his fellow vampire but he’s all soft and cuddly when it comes to Yuki Cross. He very strict and often impose discipline in a fierce way. Yet he’s indulgent to Yuki even if she often puts herself in danger.

He never hides the fact that he’s not interested in anything else but Yuki’s welfare. Every action that he makes is towards one goal and that is Yuki’s happiness. That’s the main reason why he helped Zero. His facial expression doesn’t change much, even when he’s mighty piss with Zero for biting Yuki and taking her blood.

The Unraveling:

In the incessant threat on Yuki’s life, Kaname decided that truth will not only set them free but might protect them as well. Making sure that his fangs re in good working condition, he bit Yuki and awaken her vampire nature. Yuki seems to be his sister but then she is also his bride. Hmmm… Incest is a bad thing so later on he drop the bomb and told everyone his really identity, which is the founder and first ruler of Kuran family.

He is still mighty jealous of Zero though it wouldn’t really show in his face at times. Kaname confronts Zero and tries to kill him for pointing the Bloody Rose at Yuki. He restrains after Yuki tells him not to kill Zero, and leaves for Yuki and Zero to say their farewells.

He’s in constant guard around his bride and currently takes her away for her safety.

Past Reviews

I needed this costume urgently as another seller had let me down. I contacted many different cosplay shops and they all took a long time to get back to me and they all said they would not be able to get the cosplay to me in time. 3.99 cosplay shop however responded to my message very quickly, were very helpful and started to help me out straight away. I made order on Thursday the 20th the order was sent out on Friday the 21st and it arrived here in the UK today Monday the 24th.

The costume its self I am very happy with. It is exactly as it appears on the site, well made and a very good quality. Due to ordering a fixed size and not one to suit me I had to make adjustments so my suggestion is to have your costumes customised to your size if you cant sew.

I am very happy with the service on this site and will certainly order from them again. Thank you to everyone at 3.99 cosplay shop you have one very happy customer!