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    Sealand Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $53.99

    Little Sealand is probably among the most adorable country to cosplay in from the Hetalia series! Sealand wears a light blue sailor uniform complete with a sailor cap and sailor shorts. So remember, when you are choosing Hetalia characters to cosplay as, don't leave out the poor 'baby country' Sealand!

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    Russia Cosplay Costume

    $139.00 $79.99

    This Hetalia Russia Cosplay Costume features the costume of one of the main character from the Hetalia series. Cosplay as Russia with this 3 piece cosplay set of a long tan coat, green pants and white scarf round the neck! Keeps you warm during cold nights and cool on a winter cosplay night out!

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    Gakuen Hetalia – Male School Uniform

    $148.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as the male country students from Gakuen Hetalia or World School. Dress yourself up in this uniform set which includes a blue blazer. Cosplay as the Alfred F. Jones, Hetalia’s representation of America, Germany or the other countries. Round up your friends to form the entire school cohort!

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    Gakuen Hetalia – Male School Uniform (without Blazer)

    $138.00 $89.99

    Cosplay as the male country students from Gakuen Hetalia or World School with this uniform set ( without blazer ) version. A more casual look of the uniform which also bears the ' School of World' crest emblem on left chest area of the Brown pullover sweater. School's not over yet!

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    Hetalia – Spain Cosplay Costume

    $128.00 $79.99

    Step into the world of Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, Hetalia's representation of Spain. Dress up in this khaki-colored uniform donned by the cheerful country bumpkin in the Hetalia series. This Spain cosplay costume is made with superior quality and durable material and includes hard buttons for the pockets of the safari suit. Look sharp and dress smart as Spain!

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    Italia Cosplay Costume

    $138.00 $92.99

    This Hetalia Italia Cosplay Costume features the title character of the Hetalia series! A smart rendition of Italy’s costume as was worn by Romano, a representation of South Italy. Cosplay as the ditzy Italia. Gather your buddies to cosplay as all other characters from Hetalia World Series!

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    Gakuen Hetalia – Female School Uniform (Summer)

    $98.00 $70.99

    Cosplay as the Female country students from Gakuen Hetalia or World School! This summer rendition of the World School uniform is a demure light checkered pinafore with a pure white shirt beneath. It's back to school for the countries in Hetalia!

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    Italia Cosplay Costume (sailor uniform)

    $98.00 $53.99

    Step into the world of the protagonist and Hetalia's representation of Italy, Italia! This is a version of the costume as was worn by him when he attend Germany's basic classes on warfare. Just like a sailor or sailor man's outfit, this costume really does bring out the cheerful and sweet side of Italia. Dress up, cosplay and have fun with this rendition of Hetalia's Italia cosplay costume!

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    Gakuen Hetalia Female School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $128.00 $88.99

    Step into the School of World with this female version the Hetalia School uniform from the Gakuen Hetalia series. This uniform includes a dark red blazer with the school of world Logo on top left chest, a red plaid skirt, white shirt and sweater. Round up your Gakuen Hetalia cosplay team today!

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    Ukraine Cosplay Costume

    $86.50 $58.99

    Cosplay as the voluptuous character and the representation of the country – Ukraine from Hetalia. Most notable by her rather large bust size in the series and for her motherly care and utmost concern, this blonde 'country girl' is a fun character to portray! This costume is an exact replica from in the series, consisting of the white long sleeve blouse and light baby-blue overalls.

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    America Cosplay Costume

    $168.00 $129.99

    This Hetalia America Cosplay Costume features the self-proclaimed 'Hero' of the Hetalia series! A fighter plane jacket inspired costume in a dark brown faux leather flight jacket. Cosplay as the energetic America who loves his burger, fries and soft drink set! Get it and enjoy your Hetalia Cosplay now.

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    South Korea Cosplay Costume

    $129.00 $68.99

    Cosplay as South Korea, aka Im Yong Soo, in this comfortably simple traditional Korea Hanbok styled purple and white cosplay costume! The free spirited, enthusiastic and IT savvy South Korea is easy to cosplay as in this 3 piece cosplay costume. The high quality material used ensures well ventilation for the cosplayer. Available in a variety of sizes!

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    Japan Cosplay Costume

    $122.00 $68.99

    Cosplay as the shy and quiet Honda Kiku, a member of the Axis power and the main character representing Japan in the Hetalia series. This pure white cosplay costume will make you look sharp and smartly dressed in the white naval uniform with black and gold buttons, epaulet, cuff lining and the replica details from the Hetalia series itself.

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    England Cosplay Costume

    $139.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as England, or Arthur Kirkland, representing both United Kingdom and England from the Hetalia : Axis Powers and World Series. A former pirate who believes in the supernatural, magic, spirits and fairies, look sleek and sharp with this colonial traditional military style cosplay costume from from Hetalia!

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    Germany Cosplay Costume

    $129.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as the mighty Germany from Hetalia in this smart uniform! A member of the Axis power group and one of the protagonist of the Hetalia series, also called “Doitsu”, dress up as the hard-working and serious Germany! Look sharp and smart with this military style cosplay costume and have fun with the rest of the Axis Powers from Hetalia!

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    France Cosplay Costume

    $158.00 $86.99

    The blonde France takes center stage of the Hetalia World Series with this blue and red Hetalia France Cosplay Costume. France is one fo the choice characters to cosplay as from the Hetalia series with his flamboyant personality and easy smile. And just like France sang in his version of ‘Marukaite Chikyuu’, give him some wine! Gather your friends to form your Hetalia cosplay team!

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