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    Shinsengumi Uniform Costume

    $126.00 $98.99

    Cosplay as the cool chain-smoking vice commander of the Shinsengumi, Hijitaka Toushiro, the sadistic captain Okita Sougo, or the idiotic commander Isao Kondo. This great Gintama Shinsengumi outfit is available in both the anime gold rimmed version and the manga silver rimmed version!

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    Sakata Gintoki Cosplay Costume

    $99.00 $78.99

    Yorozuya Gin-chan is here to save the day! Being a Samurai when swords are banned in really taking a toll on Sakata Gintoki, who struggles (or perhaps not) to pay his rent. White coat, messy hair and an outstanding swordplay easily distinguishes Gintoki from the rest of the Samurai. Cosplay in this 4 piece cosplay costume and have fun being the famous odd-jobs eccentric Samurai!

    Gin-san’s Lake Toya Bokken is also available separately!

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    Shimura Shinpachi Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $66.99

    Cosplay as the punchline-deliverer of Gintama Shimura Shinpachi! This 'boring' character is the most important one in Gintama, for who else to deliver all the jokes than the bespectacled Shinpachi of Yorozuya? This 2-piece samurai kimono is comfortable and breathable for long hours of cosplay. So round up your friends to dress up as Sakata Gintoki and Kagura to form your Gintama Yorozuya cosplay team!

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    Gintama – Kagura Cosplay Costume (Movie Grown Up Version)

    $145.00 $74.99

    Kagura is the main female character of the popular Gintama series. Born from a faraway planet, she has extraordinary strength and serves as the brute force behind their Yorozuya business. Cosplay as Kagura with this costume set consisting of her white cheongsam dress, arm paraphernalia and yellow waist sash. Featured in the Gintama: Be Forever Yorozuya movie.

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    Katsura Kotarou Cosplay Costume

    $128.00 $78.99

    This Gintama Katsura Cosplay Costume lets you cosplay as the 'The Nobleman of Fury', Sakata Gintoki's former Samurai ally and good friend in the Amanto War. Fondly nicknamed “Zura” by about everybody else in the show, the eccentric Katsura Kotarou, Elizabeth's companion is a fun character to cosplay as!

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    Takasugi Shinsuke Cosplay Costume

    $138.00 $68.99

    Takasugi Shinsuke, the crazy bad guy from Gintama is here with this outrageous colorful kimono! In deep maroon with orange butterfly motifs printed all around the kimono, the outfit is also lined with a striking bright lime green on the bottom and cuff ends. Cosplay as Takasugi Shinsuke in this cosplay costume!

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    Kagura Kimono (Yoshiwara Arc) Cosplay Costume

    $95.00 $74.99

    The Yorozuya ventured into Yoshiwara at the behest of the little boy, and there they dressed up as the prostitutes of Yoshiwara. This striking red kimono is the version which Kagura wore while battling her fellow Yato in the epic fight scene. Cosplay as the amazing Yato Kagura in this high quality kimono!

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    Kagura Cosplay Costume v.3 (with black pants)

    $152.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as the Kagura, the female lead from Gintama as she wears her the version 3 of her red Chinese inspired costume. A simple 2-piece costume providing greater mobility with the aid of the knee-length pants. The little Yato girl who lives with Gintoki is a fun character to cosplay as! Round up your friends to form the Yorozuya cosplay team!

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    Kagura Cosplay Costume

    $79.00 $53.99

    Get your parasol out and put it in good use by completing your cosplay of Kagura from Gintama series. Pose as the insanely strong and insatiable eater of Yato Clan with this high quality silk cheong sam. A whole day of cosplay activities will be a piece of cake if you are wearing this ultra comfortable dress. Throw in some fancy accessories and this will also make a fabulous outfit for weekend gatherings!

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    Kagura Cosplay Costume v.2

    $79.00 $58.99

    The little female protaganist of Gintama wears her red oriental ‘Cheong sam’ like costume, in line with her Yato heritage. This version with the red pants allow Kagura to easily run around with the Yorozuya in comfort. This cosplay costume is hassle-free and easy to wear, and may even double up as your choice clothing when you visit your Chinese friends during Chinese New Year!

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    Sagaru Yamazaki Cosplay Costume (Shinsengumi uniform)

    $98.00 $63.99

    Cosplay as Sagaru Yamazaki or the other members from the Shinsengumi in Gintama! This badminton-loving spy ranks number 9 in the popularity poll despite his limited screen time. That just shows how well-loved he is! So cosplay as the plain ‘Jimmy’ in our high quality cosplay costume!

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    Sakata Kintoki Cosplay Costume

    $99.00 $78.99

    Cosplay as one of the greatest anime trolls- Sakata Gintoki's… ultimate rival: Sakata Kintoki! Kintoki is everything Gintoki is not, down to the golden straight hair! This detailed costume comes with a white zippered shirt, white pants, white belt and a black embroidered yukata, the exact opposite of Gintoki's usual palette. Excellent for cosplaying with your buddy as Gintoki!

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