Queen Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

Queen Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

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Take on the position of 'Class President' by dressing up as the mature and proper Queen! This uniform of the Type 0 Class features a red tartan pleated miniskirt that makes a cute fashion statement on your non-cosplay days, and is paired with the iconic black school jacket. The outfit is accessorised with the special buttons and gold shoulder guards, as well as the scarf tie which is emblazoned with the Suzaku insignia. The final detail lies in her iconic green hair barrette, which also makes a great accessory!

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Product Description

- Red tartan pleated miniskirt
- Black long sleeved shirt with side opening
- Red velvet short cape
- Gold scarf tie with insignia
- 1 pair Gold shoulder guards
- 1 pair Black knee-high socks
- Special buttons x 3
- Green hair barrette

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Queen Biography (Final Fantasy Type 0)

- Queen Bio by Tsunade

Name: Queen
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Violet
Battle Weapon: Astral Sword

Queen who represents the number 12, is known to be Miss 'Prim and Proper' by the rest of the class, giving her her nickname 'Class President'. She has on a pair of spectacles that has since become her trademark item, known as the "Janus' Glasses" (Yanusu no Megane). Her bangs are clipped to the side with a green barrette. At the age of 17 she is one of the older pupils in class, which is probably the reason she takes on an 'older sister' attitude towards the other classmates, not bothering to mince her words and acting practically and rationally all the time. In fact, her bark is worse than her bite, and she cares deeply for them.

Known to be intelligent and often burying her nose in books, Queen is predictably very attentive in class. She is also known to have a very strong sense of justice. In the face of danger she is calm, as can be seen when she consoles Cinque in the face of Death.

Alike to her stable and predictable character, Queen's battle style is well-balanced, though she is not particularly strong in any area. Her physical strength is above the usual level and she has high speed in movement, but other than that, she remains an average character of versatility, taking on different roles to aid the other players. Her battle weapon is the sword, which she uses with slashes and lunges. Her trademark glasses act as a guard against Burn, Freeze and Shock. These glasses also activates a special mode to revive her is she is killed during a mission; she then resurrects with an ominous black aura, meting out high damage attacks at the expense of her own vulnerability as she moves into 'Kill Site' Status.