King Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

King Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

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A man of few words, King is definitely a cool character to play! Paired with the uniform's straight-legged white pants, his jacket is characteristically cropped short revealing a little belt, and has its last buckle left open. King dons the usual gold shoulder guards, and a long red mantle held together with the clasp adorned with the Suzaku emblem.

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Product Description

- Black long sleeved shirt with front opening and high collar
- Inner sleeveless V neck vest
- White straight-cut pants
- Red velour long cape
- 1 pair Gold shoulder guards
- Gold scarf clasp with Suzaku emblem
- Special buttons x 3
- Black belt with silver buckle

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King Biography (Final Fantasy Type 0)

- King Bio by Tsunade

Name: King
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Red
Battle Weapon: Handguns

Representing the number 13 of Class Zero, King has an image similar to his classmate Seven. Indifferent and cool, he is a man of few words and prefers to spend time training hard and acting rather than planning and contemplating. This shows his serious character, which could be a plus point as he is indeed a very logical thinker with a quick mind. Behind this cold exterior hides a very kind heart, which most people might not get to see as they are fazed by his indifference.

With long blonde hair that is combed back and red eyes, King is quite a good-looker! His tendency to leave his cropped jacket unbutton gives him an interesting attitude. His jacket is paired with the usual pair of white pants, and his mantle hanging long past his waist. In the secret ending, King is pictured as a bass guitar player within a music group along with Trey and Jack. According to the novel, King has an ambition to be a policeman once he graduates from Class Zero.

His unique battle weapon is a pair of handguns, giving him a very wide range during battle. While both Ace and Cater also cover a very wide range, King's basic attack is less powerful; however, this is replaced by speedy strikes and more range. Another disadvantage would be his need to reload after a number of shots, and his slower movement as compared to the girls. Fortunately, King has the ability to dodge and attack at the same time, a useful skill that Ace and Cater do not possess. In close range, King also utilises kicks on enemies that give moderate damage. He can also don the exclusive 'Order Suit' to increase his HP by as much as 50%, and keeps him unaffected by weather and terrain.