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    Final Fantasy X: Tidus Cosplay Shoes

    $320.00 $208.99

    Easily recognizable in its characteristic yellow, this pair of chunky 6-hole boots are masculine yet fun! The padded area around the ankle and chunky sole provide extra cushion and protection. An interesting detail comes in place of the red eyelet rings. With the trend of boots going round, this would make a wonderful statement piece with its eye-catching colour and interesting black cutout design detail which joins the toe and heel cup together in a piece!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Final Fantasy XIII-2: Serah Farron Cosplay Shoes/Boots

    $290.00 $204.99

    A direct symbolism of her adorable nature, Serah's boots are in a sweet light mauve and fuschia which complements her girlish outfit and pink hair perfectly! The high-cut ends above the ankle and are conveniently fastened with two velcro straps across the front. With a pointed toe and a medium block heel, this pair is charmingly feminine and would go especially well with skirts and dresses!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Cater Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

    $260.00 $186.99

    Every cadet in Class Zero sports a similar uniform, yet each has its own unique trait that makes it recognizable such as this one of Cater. With the iconic messenger-style backpack and short scarf gathered into a clasp emblazoned with the Suzaku emblem, this uniform is unmistakably Cater’s. Pair the trendy tartan miniskirt with other closet basics for a statement outfit! The backpack is of a convenient size and great for school, yet cute enough for dates and outings!

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Cosplay Shoes


    The first pair of shoes that she sports with her Guardian Corps uniform, these high-cut pair are modified from the usual uniform to look distinctly Lightning. The three white straps are its unique feature, secured around the boots to hold the layers in place. Noticeably longer than the main boot area, the elongated shin protectors on the front matched with the earthy tone colour scheme sets her boots apart from the regular black ones worn by the Guardian Corps.

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Serah Farron Cosplay Shoes

    $290.00 $204.99

    This pair of heeled pointed-toe boots are perfect for the 'cutest girl in the series', Serah Farron! Part of her first outfit, the lace-ups add a touch of innocence, while the pointed toe shows us her feminine side. Canvas paired with leather is an interesting contrast between casual youth and sophistication, a symbolism of her physical age in contrast with her rather matured personality. Of a rather neutral colour scheme, this pair that is comfy in a medium height heel would go well with day-to-day outfits of mini skirts or fitted jeans!

    *Shoes are made to be strong and durable and can sustain the reasonable wear and tear of daily usage.

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    Trey Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy Type 0)

    $190.00 $169.99

    Join Class Zero as the suave Trey with this cool uniform set! Modelled closely to the original uniform, the side buckles and collar pin are branded with the series insignia that make this feel exactly like the real thing. Coupled with the archery glove and chest guard, you will look nothing less than the archer Trey is.

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    Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy 7)


    This Cloud Strife Cosplay Costume features the protaganist of Final Fantasy VII's super cool outfit, just like most of the other Final Fantasy 7 characters. This outfit is the one Cloud wore in the Advent Children movie and the details of the costume replication is superb!

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    Sazh Katzroy Cosplay Costume

    $189.00 $138.99

    Get your very own Sazh Katzroy cosplay costume from the popular Final Fantasy series. The Eddie-Murphy-like man sporting quite an Afro hairdo s fun to cosplay as in our costume that comes complete with all the little details as worn by Sazh Katzroy himself in the game. Details include silver metal buttons on the jacket, green buttons on his white long sleeve button down shirt and mini belt loops around his left and right mid-thigh khaki pants for his pistol holster. You will not find another costume with such stunning accuracy on the costume!

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    Yazoo Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children)

    $165.00 $114.99

    Get this long sleeved zip-up leather coat and cosplay as the silver-haired Yazoo from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. One of the 3 main antagonists besides Sephiroth in the series, along with Kadaj and Loz, Yazoo is certainly a fun character to portray as!

  • Yuna Gunner Cosplay Costume (Final Fantasy X-2)


    Set the world on fire as you flaunt confidently in this smokin hot Yuna Gunner costume from Final Fantasy X-2. Be the center of attention in this vava-boom ensemble of creatively matched outfit that is made of top quality materials. Made extremely comfortable for a long journey to Spira in search of truth or just a day of fun cosplaying. Each piece of the costume can be match and paired with other clothes for an even fabulous outfit!

  • Vincent Valentine Costume (Final Fantasy 7)


    The ever-cool Vincent Valentine can be cosplayed with this beautiful 3-piece costume. The billowing red cloak is beautifully frayed at the bottom for the 'flames effect' The main shirt and pants is made of high quality synthetic leather with a golden sleeve on the left. A great choice for Vincent Valentine cosplayers!

  • Tifa Lockhart Cosplay (Final Fantasy VII)


    Tifa Lockhart is absolutely hot and gorgeous in her leather top and three-quarter skirt-like pants from the Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children animation movie. This beautiful high quality synthetic leather outfit not only entitles you to cosplay as the lovely Tifa, you can even flaunt your fashion sense and party in it!

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About Final Fantasy Cosplay Costumes

From Yuna in Final Fantasy X to Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, our tailors have put up a list of our favorite cosplay costumes from the popular Final Fantasy game series. We take extreme care to ensure all details on the costumes are accurate, and use the suitable material to replicate the rendered effect of the costumes in the game. Feel the difference when you cosplay in our Final Fantasy cosplay costumes!