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    Rin Tohsaka Red Cloak And School Uniform Cosplay Costume

    $159.00 $103.99

    Don’t let her girlish look fool you; Rin Tohsaka is the master of Archer in the fifth Holy Grail War and this tsundere master has a couple of cool moves which she displays while her red cloak billows behind her. Cosplay as Rin Tohsaka with this fashionable and detailed cosplay attire of Rin’s full Autumn school uniform and her signature her red cloak!

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    Rin Tohsaka School Uniform Cosplay Costume (Autumn)

    $95.00 $71.99

    Dress up as Rin Tohsaka; master of Archer, in the autumn version of her school uniform. Whether you want to cosplay Rin, or just looking for an all purpose student outfit, this high quality cosplay uniform will suit your taste and needs. Comes complete with Rin’s hair ribbons and stockings so you don’t have to spend too much time sourcing!

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    Fate Stay Night – Saber Lily Cosplay Costume

    $160.00 $88.99

    Formerly known as Astoria Pendragon, Saber Lily is now one of the most powerful Servant in the Fate series. Cosplay as King Arthur of the Fate series with this costume set consisting of a beautiful champagne gold dress, a pair of white gloves, chest and hair ribbons. Caliburn not included.

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    Servant Saber Costume

    $128.00 $95.99

    In Fate Stay Night, King Arthur is actually a woman in disguise who is incarnated as the Servant Saber. This blue medieval-style dress is the one which she wore in the series when she is not in battle form. A 2-piece costume which is of the highest quality. This is the perfect choice for Saber cosplayers. Also great as a collection for Fate Stay Night fans!

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    Tohsaka Rin Cosplay Costume

    $88.00 $59.99

    This simple but classy red outfit which Tohsaka Rin wears in the Fate Stay Night game and anime series is not only a pretty cosplay costume for cosplayers of the vivacious Rin, but can also serve as your daily outfit to the mall. This 2-piece red blouse with the white cross in the front, and black skirt set is comfortable and will transform you into the confident Rin!

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    Servant Saber Cosplay costume (Red – Fate/ Extra)

    $299.80 $211.99

    Cosplay as Fate/Extra Saber Cosplay Costume kicks total ass as Servant Saber returns in a spanking bright red armor. This stunning Red Saber Cosplay Costume is made of velvet material and the complex multi-layered detailed costume will ensure that you will be wearing the most realistic-looking Red Saber Cosplay Costume while you cosplay as Arturia Pendragon.

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    Servant Archer Cosplay costume

    $189.80 $138.99

    Cosplay as Archer from the anime series Fate/Stay night as the sarcastic and cynical, yet uberly cool Servant of Tohsaka Rin. Indulging in unorthodox Sorcery in his dark and mysterious demeanor, Archer is bound to be that character one might seem interesting and challenging to cosplay as. As with the character’s personality, colors of the costume include black with silver details and deep red hue for the over coat and waist cape. Have fun cosplaying as Archer!

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