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    Heiwajima Shizuo Cosplay Costume

    $79.00 $59.99

    Step into the world of the blonde Heiwajima Shizuo in this simple black and white bartender like suit. This cosplay costume consists of a long white shirt, black bow tie, black vest and black pants. Heiwajima Shizuo, said to be the strongest street fighter in the series, is a cool character to cosplay as, and the easy costume also allows you the versatility of wearing this during non-cosplay events!

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    Durarara!! Orihara Izaya Costume

    $135.00 $69.99

    Cosplay and dress up as Orihara Izaya from the Durarara!! series. The main antagonist of the series; the young man who sells information for his own enjoyment. Become the confident and cocky character with a rather sadistic attitude! This cosplay costume includes fur trimmings at wrist and collar which can also double for warmth especially for cold days!

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    Sonohara Anri Cosplay Costume

    $98.00 $69.99

    Step into the World of Durarara! with this Sonohara Anri cosplay costume which is actually her school uniform. Cosplay as one of the main female character, the bespectacled Sonohara; the timid, quiet and shy one, or any of the other female characters. This 4-piece cosplay costume is easy to wear, ensuring quality, style and comfort for the wearer.

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    Kida Masaomi Cosplay Costume

    $109.00 $78.99

    Cosplay as Masaomi Kida from Durarara! The mastermind and head of the Yellow Scarves gang in his distinctive blue blazer and white hood inner attire will prove to be an enjoyable character to parade as. Add life with this comfortable cotton white hoodie under his blue blazer set as you keep yourself warm during the cold spells even when you’re not cosplaying as Kida!

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    Ryuugamine Mikado Cosplay Costume

    $119.00 $77.99

    Dress up as Mikado Ryugamine, the primary male protagonist of the Durarara! series! Your typical high school boy next door in search of the unusual life and adventure, cosplay with this high quality smart and sharp gray blazer with blue tie set. Hassle-free, easy and simple just as how the ‘normal’ Ryugamine is unlike the other crazies is in the series.

About Durarara! Cosplay Costumes

399cosplayshop.com brings you the interesting costumes worn by the interesting characters in Durarara! Being set in a more of less similar backdrop to our own universe, the cosplay costumes in Durarara! can easily be doubled up as regular clothes as well.