Piccolo Cosplay Costume

Piccolo Cosplay Costume

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Piccolo-san is easily one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time. Cosplay as Dragon Ball’s favourite Namek with this get up – includes his iconic purple sleeveless karate gi with blue belt and orange velcro wristband. Green bodypaint not included.

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Product Description

- Purple sleeveless top
- Purple pants
- Blue belt
- Orange wristband

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Piccolo Biography (Dragon Ball Z)

- Piccolo Bio by Tsunade

Name: Piccolo
Age: 753 years old
Birthday: 9 May
Race: Namek
Height: 226cm
Weight: 116kg

Piccolo is a Namekian and is one of the main protagonists of the most popular anime ever - Dragon Ball Z. He was originally from the Dragon Tribe, a Namekian group responsible for the creation of the Dragon Balls. Before he was a permanent member of the Z fighters, Piccolo was one of the main villains as his sole purpose was to avenge his father, King Piccolo, who died at Goku's hands in the original Dragon Ball series.
Piccolo is a wise, master strategist, inheriting his father's cunning intelligence as well as Kami's great wisdom after Kami and Piccolo fused together. Personality-wise, Piccolo is known to be a Namekian of few words, preferring to observe and listen and speaking only when necessary. He is strict and disciplined, a trait shown when he was training the 5 year old Son Gohan for the fight of their lives against the invading Saiyan duo of Nappa and the Saiyan prince Vegeta.

Piccolo has a wide range of attacks and abilities, exceeding most of his fellow Z fighters and his power level only loses to the Saiyans themselves (Goku, Gohan and Vegeta) but his strongest edge is his ability to strategize and out-think his opponents. Out of his vast array of attacks, the most prominent are his Antenna Beam (fired from his antenna) and his famous Special Beam Cannon(Makankosappo in the Japanese series) which was used to kill Goku's brother Raditz (along with Goku as well, who had Raditz locked in a full nelson, sacrificing himself in the process). Piccolo also has a multitude of transformation such as his fusion techniques performed with other Namekians to increase his power level and his cloning technique, allowing him to divide himself into three or four versions of himself.

Since training with Gohan, Piccolo's unfriendly demeanour drastically changed, being greatly influenced by the gentle-hearted Gohan(Piccolo even goes to say that Gohan was his first-ever friend) and as the series progressed, he became well-liked by the characters(and fans alike) and his original rival Goku became one of his closest friends. In true classic anime fashion, Piccolo is immortalized along with the other Z fighters due to his complex personality and characteristics.