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    Dead Or Alive – Kasumi Cosplay Costume (Black-Gold)

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    Kasumi is considered the face of the Dead or Alive video games and is the most recognizable character in the series, appearing in every iteration of the game. Cosplay as the beautiful heir to the Mugen Tenshin Clan in one of her unlockable costumes – the black shinobi dress. This unique outfit consists of her black robe-like ninja dress with golden pattern on the skirt, matching pair of arm sleeves with arm guards and stockings with shin guards. Accessories include a red belt, neck choker, and a yellow hair band.

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    Dead Or Alive – Kasumi Cosplay Costume (White)

    $139.00 $81.99

    From the Dead Or Alive franchise, Kasumi is considered to be the face of the popular video game series. Cosplay as Kasumi with her white and red outfit featured in almost all the games since Dead Or Alive 2. The costume consists of her sleeveless kimono-like dress with pink obi wrap, a pair of white arm sleeves and stockings and the accessories are a pair of arm and shin protector as well as a red neck choker.

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    Dead Or Alive – Kasumi Cosplay Costume (Blue)

    $130.00 $76.99

    Kasumi is considered the main female protagonist and is one of the playable character of the popular video game series, Dead Or Alive. She is from the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan and is the next in line as the head of the clan after her brother, Hayate, was incapacitated. Cosplay as the revenge-seeking Kasumi with this set of shinobi clothing that she wears in-game. Consists of her famous blue shinobi robe with wrap, a pair of blue arm guards, and a pair of white stockings with blue shin guards.