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    Allen Walker Black Order Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $79.99

    Cosplay as Allen Walker, the protaganist of D.Gray-man, or other exorcists of the Black Order in this Black Order uniform with a cap attached to the uniform. Extremely comfortable in the light flowing sweat absorbant material of the uniform, this costume is designed for long lasting wear for your cosplay events!

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    Lenalee Lee Cosplay Costume (ver. 1)

    $123.80 $69.99

    Cosplay as the cute and irresistible Lenalee in her pioneer version of her Black Order uniform. Adorable with her pair of high ponytails, put on Lenalee's blouse and skirt set with contrasting black with white lining, straps, cuffs and details. Inclusive of metallic chrome shined buttons with intricate black details on the buttons itself. Gather your buddies to cosplay as the rest of the stars from D.Gray-man!

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    Lavi Cosplay Costume v.3

    $150.00 $115.99

    Now, this is what you can call a costume that shouts “hey look at me!”. Just from the black and red color scheme you definitely have a looker and sure winner. This elaborate cosplay costume of Lavi of the anime series D.Gray-man consists of a black long sleeved-top, a pair of full length black and white pants, a red scarf , a black headband and an eyepatch! Whoa, i must say that's a lot just listing it down and the costume details are definitely top notch!

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    Allen Walker Cosplay Costume (version 3)

    $168.90 $87.99

    Exorcist Allen Walker reappears in a spanking and smart new Black Order uniform! Veering away from their traditional black and white design, the Black Order seems to have hired a new fashion designer as Allen and friends hop into their new stylish black and red combination. Black for Black Order, and red for the blood spilled by the Akuma. NICE!

  • Kanda Yuu Black Order Cosplay Costume (version 3)

    Kanda Yuu looks even cooler with his spanking new black and red Black Order uniform in D.Gray-man. Cosplay as the samurai exorcist with our high quality D.Gray-man cosplay costume! Round up your gang to form your exorcist team with the rest of our Black Order uniform cosplay costumes!

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    Lenalee Lee Cosplay Costume (ver. 3)

    $110.00 $88.99

    Cosplay as Lenalee Lee, the teenage Chinese exorcist, from the the anime D.Gray-man. Look sharp and elite in this very striking black and red costume which includes a black long sleeved-top and a layered red skirt. This costume is made of high-quality and comfortable materials ensuring that you can use it anytime and every time you want. The skirt can also be used on casual occasions like those lazy Sunday afternoon strolls.

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    Komui Lee Black Order Supervisor Cosplay Costume (with cap)

    $148.80 $79.99

    Cosplay as the goofy supervisor of the Black Order organization from the D.Gray-Man series. Dress up as the blue-haired 29 year old doting and over-protective older brother to Lenalee Lee. Look all clean, fresh and sleek with this white Black Order cosplay costume which includes Komui lee's signature cap.

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    D.Gray-man: Miranda Lotto Black Order Cosplay Costume

    $180.00 $112.99

    Play the reclusive Miranda Lotto in her Black Order uniform! A black and white ensemble keeps things sleek and smart. White accent lines on the jacket form patterns modelled after the D.Gray-man series, with a cross on the back and outer sleeves. The jacket features a belt feature and is worn over a white inner shirt, paired with flared white pants with black stripes down the sides.

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    Allen Walker Cosplay Costume (version 2)

    $200.00 $139.99

    The D.Grayman Allen Walker Costume version 2 is now available! This two-piece faux leather black and silver hue Black Order uniform is boasts one of our favorite Black Order uniform designs. Get the rest of your buddies to cosplay as the rest of the characters from D.Gray-man!

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    Kanda Yuu Cosplay Costume Version 2

    $170.00 $142.99

    Cosplay the beautiful Kanda Yuu in this cool Exorcist uniform! This striking all-black outfit with silver leather accent trims and prints that is made entirely in faux leather, can only be worthy of the cold Exorcist. The removable leather belt comes with two functional waist pouches and a front belt closure. While faux leather does not seem like a usual material in your closet, this set also comes with Kanda's iconic silver chest pin with intricate engravings on it, which can be the 'it' accessory of your closet to use with your other outfits!

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    Lavi Cosplay Costume (Version 1)

    $132.80 $74.99

    Cosplay as the cheerful 18-year old, red-haired Exorcist, Lavi, from the anime series, D.Gray-man, in this exquisite costume that was designed and made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort for the cosplayer. The set includes a jacket, a pair of full-length pants, a headband and an eye-patch. Grab one now and be a part of the D.Gray-man experience!

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    Cross Marian Cosplay Costume

    $126.80 $69.99

    Cosplay as the run-away Black Order General, Marian Cross! One of the most powerful Generals of his time and also the master to Allen Walker, this crazed womanizer is a fun exorcist to cosplay as. The set includes a simple 3 piece costume with matching black top and bottom worn over a long sleeve white shirt.

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    Kanda Yu Black Order Cosplay Costume

    $168.80 $94.99

    Cosplay as Kanda Yu, the Japanese swordsman turned exorcist, or create your own D.Gray-man exorcist character with this beautiful Black Order uniform cosplay costume! Extremely comfortable and durable, this costume is one of the best you can find for Akuma hunting, and is suitable for whole day wearing.

  • Lavi Black Order Costume v.2

    Be jolly, be Lavi! Cosplay as the cheerful bookman-to-be and Black Order exorcist, Lavi from D.Gray-man in this awesome outfit! Feel and look really cool with this handsomely replicated Black Order uniform costume made of super comfortable, high quality synthetic leather. Complete the ensemble with Lavi headband, eye patch and Black Order Cross crest available as well!

  • Road Camelot Costume

    Have the license to be a playfully naughty girl by portraying as the impish Road Camelot from D-Gray Man. Enjoy a cheerful carefree day of cosplaying with this super comfortable two-piece costume that includes black skirt, white blouse adorned with ribbon. Guaranteed high quality top material! This outfit is flexible enough to be paired off with other clothes for casual or even formal wear!

  • Komui Lee Black Order Supervisor Cosplay Costume


    Cosplay as Komui Lee, the bespectacled over-protective elder brother of the pretty exorcist Lenalee Lee. This Head Officer of the Science Department wears a white uniform instead of the exorcist's black one, and his funky personality is a fun character to cosplay as. Go here for the full complete Komui Lee costume.

  • Lenalee Lee Version 2 Black Order Cosplay Costume


    Dress yourself up as the cute and irresistible Lenalee in her second version of her Black Order uniform. In a matching faux leather top and bottom in black with white lining and details, cosplay as Lenalee, exorcist with the Dark Boots Innocence, in the uniform where she gets her signature beautiful long hair burnt ragged short!

  • Lenalee Lee Black Order Cosplay Costume


    The thing about Lenalee is how irresistible she looks in her mini skirt. You can now cosplay as the pretty Lenalee in this D.Gray-man Black Order uniform. Extremely comfortable, this female exorcist's uniform also looks very smart and cool.

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About D.Gray-man Cosplay Costumes

D.Grayman boasts an exciting range of Black Order uniform which Allen Walker, Lavi, Kanda Yuu, Lenalee Lee and the other exorcists wear throughout the series. 399cosplayshop.com strives to replicate the cosplay costumes worn by the characters down to the last detail.