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    D.Gray-man: Miranda Lotto Black Order Cosplay Costume

    $180.00 $112.99

    Play the reclusive Miranda Lotto in her Black Order uniform! A black and white ensemble keeps things sleek and smart. White accent lines on the jacket form patterns modelled after the D.Gray-man series, with a cross on the back and outer sleeves. The jacket features a belt feature and is worn over a white inner shirt, paired with flared white pants with black stripes down the sides.

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    Kanda Yuu Cosplay Costume Version 2

    $170.00 $142.99

    Cosplay the beautiful Kanda Yuu in this cool Exorcist uniform! This striking all-black outfit with silver leather accent trims and prints that is made entirely in faux leather, can only be worthy of the cold Exorcist. The removable leather belt comes with two functional waist pouches and a front belt closure. While faux leather does not seem like a usual material in your closet, this set also comes with Kanda's iconic silver chest pin with intricate engravings on it, which can be the 'it' accessory of your closet to use with your other outfits!

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About D.Gray-man Cosplay Costumes

D.Grayman boasts an exciting range of Black Order uniform which Allen Walker, Lavi, Kanda Yuu, Lenalee Lee and the other exorcists wear throughout the series. 399cosplayshop.com strives to replicate the cosplay costumes worn by the characters down to the last detail.