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    Cornelia Li Brittania Cosplay Costume

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    With a cloak this majestic, Cornelia Li Brittania would be hard to miss! This renaissance-inspired costume is painstakingly replicated after Cornelia's outfit in the series. It features a tailored jacket with gold accent on the front that has a zip-up opening for convenience. This is paired with a pair of matching tapered pants and white gloves that extend to mid-forearm. Finally, throw on the statement clock with wing-like edged rising above the neck and falling down to the ankles!

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About Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion Cosplay Costumes

The creative costumes and attire featured in the Code Geass series have spun imagination of many. Here at, we acrefully replicate the multi-detailed clothes into cosplay costumes. Our tailors carefully chose the material used in our cosplay costumes to re-create the 2D look of the attire convincingly into their 3D form.