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    Buso Renkin Tokiko school Uniform

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    You can now dress up as Tokiko Tsumura, the 17-year-old alchemy warrior in this school uniform outfit donned by Tokiko which is also her Buso Renkin, Kakugane XLIV, Valkyrie Skirt. The same skirt that has fought numerous enemies! Just like any normal school uniform outfit, this costume is perfect in terms of looks, durability and comfort for those cosplaying as Tokiko Tsumara.

About Buso Renkin Cosplay Costumes

The creator behind Buso Renkin is none other than Nobuhiro Watsuki, acclaimed mangaka of the classic Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) series. Literally called ‘Arms Alchemy’, Buso Renkin starts with a murdered Kazuki Muto waking up in his school dorm, believing his death to be a dream. But he soon discovered that the monster that killed him was a homunculus, and so started his adventure to fight against the homunculus’ master.