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    Zanpakuto Zangetsu Cosplay Costume (Spirit Form)

    $132.50 $69.99

    Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach steps into the world of his Soul Slayer (Zanpakuto) and finds the Old Man Zangetsu standing all rugged in a flowing black tattered tunic there. Who knew his Soul Slayer would be such a cool guy in shades! You can now cosplay as Zangetsu, spirit form in this high quality cosplay costume!

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    Yoroichi Shihouin Cosplay Costume (Butterfly v.)

    $119.00 $69.99

    This Bleach Yoroichi Costume is the Soi Fong vs. Yoroichi version where Soi Fong jabs her bee sting-like zanpakuto into Yoroichi’s chest during their battle, creating a beautiful motif of a white butterfly as a target. Cosplay as the former leader of the Shinigami Squad Division 2 with this highly comfortable and stretchable Shihouin Yoroichi Cosplay Costume!

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    Tia Halibel Cosplay Costume – Black

    $142.90 $84.99

    Fancy Halibel in black? This black version of the Tia Halibel Cosplay Costume dresses you up in Tia Halibel's famous sensual raiment; in black. As with her white Arrancar costume on our cyber rack, this black version is designed with the comfort of your movement in mind. Transform into the no. 3 Arrancar!

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    Kurotsuchi Nemu Cosplay Costume

    $126.90 $75.99

    This Nemu cosplay costume from Bleach features a special modern short skirt kimono worn by the 12th Division vice captain. Look pretty in this traditional yet modern short kimono complete with her white inner nagajuban and a wide white waist sash, also know as Obi. Get the rest of your buddies to form your Bleach Cosplay Team!

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    Ichigo Kurosaki School Uniform Cosplay Costume (Summer)

    $80.00 $54.99

    This simple-looking school uniform set has been popularised by the cool Ichigo! Despite looking like a normal uniform, this outfit’s appeal lies in the exact details as you see in the anime, such as the straight cut pockets on the side of the pants and back welt pockets! The shirt features a left breast pocket and the distinct double ‘lapel’ collar. Two seams down the back add on to the smart, tailored look!

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    Kuchiki Rukia School Uniform (Summer) Cosplay Costume

    $98.90 $59.99

    This Bleach Rukia School Uniform Cosplay lets you cosplay as Kuchiki Rukia, Inoue Orihime or any of the other school girls in Kurosaki Ichigo’s high school! Featured in this costume is Rukia’s summer school uniform in a combination of a white short sleeve blouse and a gray pleated mini skirt. Also included is a striking red bow tie. Here’s your chance to enroll into the Mashiba Junior High School!

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    Ishida Uryuu Quincy Cosplay Costume Version 2

    $158.00 $92.99

    Dress up with this cool quincy cosplay costume worn by Ishida Uryuu. Cosplay as the last blue-haired bespectacled Quincy in the Bleach universe. The costume is well-detailed and the airy design ensures the cosplayer a full day of comfortable cosplay experience!

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    Ayasegawa Yumichika Cosplay Costume

    $119.90 $75.99

    Cosplay as Ayasegawa Yumichika from Bleach; the narcissist and very vain shinigami, also a powerful combatant. Cosplay with this standard Shinigami top and bottom attire with an added customization of wide orange collar attached to a short right arm matching orange sleeve. A cosplay costume from Bleach with custom made with all the hints of Ayasegawa Yumichika’s vanity. Round up your buddies to form your Bleach cosplay team!

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    Kurosaki Ichigo Bankai Costume (White Hollow Version)

    $130.00 $79.99

    This Kurosaki Ichigo Hollow Bankai Cosplay Costume includes the kick-ass white flowing cloak and the white hakama pants. Cosplay as the ‘white’ Ichigo and turn heads as you enjoy your Bleach cosplay experience.

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    Nova Cosplay Costume

    $143.80 $87.99

    You remember Nova from Bleach. Cosplay in his full blue and black ninja-like suit lined with white fur and thigh paddings which will make your bum look just a wee bit smexy. Material is elastic for maximum comfort. Modified soul Nova is also a choice character to cosplay as for those who are shy to reveal their faces in conventions. Gather your friends to form your Bleach cosplay team!

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    Shinigami Academy Kimono Uniform – Blue

    $112.90 $76.99

    Every soul who yearns to be a death god in Soul Society went through their student days in the Shinigami Academy or Spiritual Arts Academy. This is the blue and bhite version kimono worn by the male students while studying at the academy. Gather all your friends to cosplay the different characters from Bleach! The female version is also available here!

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    Arrancar Grimmjow Jaegerjaques Costume

    $143.90 $88.99

    Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, the blue-haired Espada Arrancar number 6 is fun to cosplay as, especially in this high quality costume which features an open front top with a zip to zip up and keep warm in the middle of your cosplay sessions, and a white airy Japanese hakama.

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    Kukaku Shiba Cosplay Costume

    $90.60 $56.99

    Bleach Shiba Kukaku Cosplay. You know she’s the boss around here. Cosplay as Shiba in this sizzling red top and white open slit skirt (if you can call it that). “Airy” does not begin to describe this cosplay costume. If you’re a shy one who’s not big on flaunting what ‘yer have, we wouldn’t suggest this character to cosplay as.

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    Shinigami Academy Kimono Uniform – Red

    $112.90 $76.99

    Every shinigami in Soul Society went through being a student in the Spiritual Arts Academy or Shinigami Academy. This is the red and white kimono which the female students wear while studying at the academy. Costume is breathable especially with its cutting and folds, improving ventilation and comfort for the cosplayers. Round up all your friends to cosplay the different characters from Bleach!

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    Hisagi Shuuhei Cosplay Costume

    $122.80 $68.99

    From the hit Bleach series comes his sleeveless black shinigami robe and pants cosplay costume especially designed for Hisagi Shuuhei! Cosplay as the lieutenant of the 9th Division, formerly under the command of the renegade Captain Tousen Kaname. The tall, lean, mean hunky Shuuhei with a ” 69 ” tattooed on his left cheek in memory of his savior is definitely one of the cool shinigami to cosplay as!

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    Omaeda Marechiyo Cosplay Costume

    $145.00 $86.99

    Dress up as the plump, but somehow healthy Omaeda Marechiyo in this black and ehite Shinigami attire with large purple wide collar. One of the snobbish, vain, arrogant and loud Death Gods from the Bleach series. Cosplay as the lieutenant of the Second Division in Soul Society with this simple and easy to wear cosplay costume!

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    Kurosaki Ichigo Cosplay Costume (Rukia Execution version)

    $178.90 $117.99

    Kurosaki Ichigo, dressed in a mean looking kimono that exposes half his chest, interrupts the ritual where Kuchiki Rukia was about to be executed. Cosplay as Ichigo in that epic scene with his kick-ass costume! This is one of the most interesting Kurosaki Ichigo cosplay costumes out of his many costume renditions!

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    Kuchiki Rukia / Inoue Orihime School Uniform

    $114.80 $72.99

    Cosplay as Kuchiki Rukia, Orihime Inoue, or the other female students from Kurosaki Ichigo’s High School in the Bleach series! This 2 piece grey Japanese winter school uniform is comfortable and and one of the best choice for long hours of outdoor cosplaying!

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    Kurosaki Ichigo School Uniform

    $109.90 $64.99

    Cosplay as Kurosaki Ichigo when he is not wielding his zanpakuto. This grey colour 2-piece Japanese school uniform from Ichigo’s high school not only allows you to cosplay as Kurosaki Ichigo, but also Chad and his other male classmates.

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