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    Kanae Kuroshiba Cosplay Costume

    $120.00 $96.99

    The mysterious and beautiful Kanae wears her uniform of the Kouryoukan Academy in a style different from the others with her extra long, full skirt. The iconic gigot puffed sleeves accented with bows, as well as the corset belt with its ribbon lace ups makes this outfit exude a slight Victorian flavour- suitable to Kanae’s actual age! In contrast to the vintage style, an adorable sailor-style collar with a ‘swallow-tail’ cut at the back and front necktie gives a modern touch. Finally, attach Kanae’s signature leather belt ornament and headdress to wear this uniform in true Kanae-style!

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    Tachibana Kukuri Cosplay Costume

    $139.00 $85.99

    This 11 Eyes Kukuri Tachibana Cosplay Costume is the exclusive outfit of the strange looking mute girl who appears calm and constantly going around with her sketch book as her source of communication. Cosplay as Tachibana Kukuri in this high quality 5 piece cosplay costume including a sailor inspired long sleeve knee length dress.

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    Kakeru Satsuki Cosplay Costume (11 Eyes School Uniform male)

    $105.00 $69.99

    Cosplay as Kakeru Satsuki, the tragic protagonist of 11 Eyes series. This school uniform is a replica right out of the series, and includes his full uniform right down to his pink tie and brown belt. We don’t take shortcuts with our material used, and we ensure top quality in this costume at a steal price! Black eye patch is also available separately.

About 11 Eyes Cosplay Costumes

Our 11 Eyes cosplay costumes are made to replicate the characters from the series. Materials used for tailoring the costumes are carefully chosen to ensure long lasting quality.