Rin Kagamine White Hairclips (Cosplay)

Rin Kagamine White Hairclips (Cosplay)

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A set of 4 functional alligator-style hairclips, these can be used not only for part of cosplaying Rin’s outfit, but also for daily hair accessories! Its simple yet chic style in classy white makes it easily pairable with different outfits!

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Product Description

Measurements - 1.9" x 0.3"

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Kagamine Rin Biography (Vocaloid)

- Kagamine Rin Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kagamine Rin
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue

Rin is the female voice of this vocaloid singer duo who possess their own original singing voice created by singing synthesizing technology. Kagamine Len, the male voice, makes up the other half, and together they seemingly share one soul as neither lovers or siblings. The 'R' and 'L' of their names signifying the 'Left' and 'Right' letters we see on headphones.