Kagamine Rin hairband (cosplay)

Kagamine Rin hairband (cosplay)

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Cosplay as the female of the golden-haired Kagamine Duo! Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid wears a signature white ribbon hairband on her head in most of the songs to distinguish herself from Kagamine Len. Even of you're not cosplayer as Rin, this is still a fun hairband to wear! Free size for general head sizes!

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Kagamine Rin Biography (Vocaloid)

- Kagamine Rin Bio by Tsunade

Name: Kagamine Rin
Nickname: Rinny
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Birthday: 27th December
Genre: Electro-pop, Rock, Pop, Enka
Character Item: Steamroller, Mikan Orange, Yellow Onion.
Kagamine Rin is the mirror image of Kagamine Len. Their songs usually relate to their relationship. Rin is a hyper and blissful girl and easily liked among Vocaloid fans. As a character from the second installment of Crypton's Vocaloid Character Voice Series, she is voiced by Asami Shimoda.

The Kagamine 'Twins' are known for their clear and precise vocals, which makes them able to sing a very wide variety of genres, including rock and electro-pop. They usually sing together in their songs and switch from a masculine to a feminine voice, allowing for an even larger range of vocals.