Shining Hearts: Neris

Shining Hearts: Neris, Amyl and Airy Wall Poster

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Can’t decide which character to play in Shining Hearts? Well, now you can have the best of three worlds with Neris, Amyl and Airy all in one poster! In lovely pastel hues featuring a scene of the three girls baking in the kitchen, this is a must-get for fans of the series!

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Width: 19.7"
Height: 27.6"

- Paper

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Introduction to Shining Hearts (Shining Hearts)

- Information on Shining Hearts by Tsunade

Shining Hearts first started off as an RPG (role-playing game), but has since evolved into an anime series known as "Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan" (Bread of Happiness). Part of the Shining series games released by Sega, the other two games are known as Shining Tears and Shining Wind. This game was developed for the Playstation Portable.

The player takes on the role as either Neris, Amil or Airy, and works in a bakery on the island of Wyndaria. One day, a great storm blows up and the player meets a strange boy named Rick Elwood who got washed up on the shore. Rick's true identity remains a mystery as it seems as if he has lost his memory. As the bakery where the player works is shorthanded, Rick is hired by the owner, Madera.

The following day, a mysterious girl named Kaguya also appears on the shores of Wyndaria, the same way Rick did. Similar to him, she has also lost her memory and worse- her emotions with them. Kaguya is wearing a necklace which holds a special spirit stone as its pendant, and it attracts flocks of pirates to Wyndaria who seek it. As such, the mission of the player is to join hands with Rick, to restore Kaguya's memories and peace on the island.

The three playable characters have different characteristics that allow them special skills and attacks. Neris is a Ranger, Amyl a Magician, and Airy a Priest. Later on in the game, the player would encounter other characters with whom they can form a team with. The base of operations is known as "Home Ship"- a ship considered as the player's home and transportation. As the game progresses, the player would enhance the ship with more functionalities.

Exploring the island, the player is able to go on missions, help out villagers, or collect various materials or even food for future use. One of the important items to collect are Hearts, which can be used to bake bread. These special bread can help slowly awaken the emotions within Kaguya, which leads her spirit stone to release Heart Keys. These Heart Keys can open doors to new worlds, which is how the story progresses.

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