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Spice up your tea party with the addition of this adorable Tanikaze figure from BANPRESTO’s Kantai Collection Ceylon Tea Collection! This Tanikaze 140mm figure is the perfect figure size for fans of the online game series, Kantai Collection or also known as KanColle. With her funny and cheerful personality, she is the perfect guest to brighten up your tea party. She is all ready and set for the main event. You simply can’t resist her cuteness!

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Features - Measurement: approx 140mm - Official licensed by Banpresto - From the popular anime and game series - Kantai Collection by Kadokawa Games

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Tanikaze (Kantai Collection)

- Tanikaze Bio by Tsunade

Name: Tanikaze
Gender: Female
Card Number: 169
Ship Type: Destroyer
Ship Class: Kagerou Class
Equipment: 12.7cm Twin Gun Mount, Type 94 Charge Projector

Tanikaze is one of the characters as seen in the online game, Kantai Collection or also known as KanColle! She is a kanmusu which is translated to ship girls based on World War II ships. Tanikaze is inspired by a real ship of the same name which were a part of Kagerou-class destroyers along with 19 destroyers used by the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1930s. For her game counterpart, Tanikaze have a black short layered hair with a white hairband and wears a grey/white theme sailor uniform. She also has a cute and funny personality. In Japanese, her name means "Valley Wind".

In her Basic form, Tanikaze uses two main equipments that supports her in the war battle. The 12.7cm Two Gun Mount is her main gun and is equipped with powered turrets. As this gun have a low elevation angle, it's harder to do an anti-air firing. Her 2nd main equipment is the Type 94 Depth Charge Projector which is used for anti-submarine duty and able to detect the enemy's submarine. However, this Type 94 is known to be out of date due to the release of the latest Type 3 Depth Charge Projector.