Kantai Collection – Hiei Headband (Kancolle)

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From the Kantai Collection (Kancolle in short) anime and video game series, Hiei is the second of the Kongou Class Battleships which was built before the start of World War I. Like any of her fellow battlecruiser, they each wear a unique hairband as well as different colour scheme for their outfit. Complete your cosplay as the Hiei battleship with this intricately detailed golden hairband replica constructed in high quality material.

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Hiei(Kantai Collection)

- Hiei Info by Tsunade

Name: Hiei
Battleship Class: Kongou Class

Hiei is a Kongou Class Battleship- a class of battlecruiser constructed before World War 1. 'She' is the second ship of her class. Like all of the Kongou Class battleship, she wears a modified mike uniform with various coloured skirt and boots. Hiei has short brown hair and wears her signature hairband