Furry Cat Paw Glove with Pink Paw Pads (Honey Brown)

Furry Cat Paw Glove with Pink Paw Pads (Honey Brown)

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This furry glove shaped like a cat’s paw is too cute to resist! In a soft honey brown fur, this lined glove is comfortable and comes with pink paw pads carefully shaped to resemble and actual cat’s paw! Great for cosplay or dress-up parties to unleash your inner playful kitty!

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The Cat Culture in Japan

- Cat Culture Information by Tsunade

You wouldn't need a keen eye to tell that Japanese have a thing for cats. From Hello Kitty, to Maneki Neko and even a cat who is master of a train station (in Kinokawa City, Wakayama)- it seems there is more to just the 'cute' factor of cat that draw Japanese to them.

Apparently, cats were brought into Japan by Buddhist monks a long time ago and as such, considered sacred creatures that were to be respected by all. It is even said that the Maneki Neko is the incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy, and had saved the life of the Lord of Hikone from lightning by beckoning him towards himself, much like how a Maneki-Neko waves its paw. However, cats in Japan can be considered both 'kawaii' (cute) and 'kowaii' (scary), for it is loosely related to spiritual folklore, which is often referenced in different anime! With their mysterious, watchful intelligence, it is no surprise that most Japanese relate cats with supernatural powers.

Of course, it might even be true that most Japanese do not know of such a story and love cats simply for their cuteness! However, it probably does explain why there are so many cats around, and why they are kept as household pets. Also because they are mysterious animals, they are often used as symbols in popular movies such as those by Studio Ghibli (e.g. The Baron Returns, Whisper of the Heart), which has made them increase even more in popularity. The usage of cat-like ears on humanoid characters (such as Chobits) has given Neko an all-new personality that never gets old. Several popular novels such as Hidamari no Kanojo even suggest that cats can take on the form of humans!

Because of their abundance since the olden times, there are many metaphorical sayings in Japan that relate to the cat. For example, 'Neko-jita' (Cat's Tongue) is used to describe people who are sensitive to hot or spicy things. If someone is really busy, they might also say "I'm so busy I would borrow even a Cat's paw if it's available!" (Neko no te mo karitai!). With sayings like these still existing in modern day, guess it's not that easy to escape the furry paws of cats, is it?

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