Free! Haruka Nanase Keychain

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Haruka Nanase is the protagonist of Free!, the anime that revolves around swimming. Get your hands on vice-captain, Haruka's, keychain and keep your paraphernalia intact with this durable device!

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Product Description

- Haruka Nanase keychain

- 2.75" x 1.5"

- Rubber(attachment)
- Metal(chain)

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Haruka Nanase (Free!)

- Haruka Nanase Bio by Tsunade

Name: Haruka Nanase
Age: 17
Birthday: 30 June
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm
Weight: 63kg

Haruka Nanase is the main protagonist of the popular anime series, Free!. He is a freestyle swimmer and is the vice-captain of the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club. He is currently in his third year of high school and hopes to forge a career path to become a professional swimmer.

Appearance-wise, Haruka has all the qualities of a good swimmer; he is tall and muscular and is natural in water. He has short black hair with blue eyes and his default expression is that of a determined look where he seems to show lack of emotion. Haruko is known to be somewhat of a loner; he is reserved or taciturn and his great strength lies in his ability to confidently make decisions, a trait useful for his role as a vice-captain.

Haruka is also known to be very protective of his friends; he values Makoto and Rin more than others, a testament to that fact is that when Rin lost to him when they were little, Haruka gave up his desire to swim to guarantee Rin's win the next time they race. However, his competitive fire was restored by Rin when he challenged Haruka again. One of the running gags of the show is Haruka's attraction and near-obsession with water; he even swam inside a fish tank!