Black Soot Sprite Susuwatari Plush

Black Soot Sprite Susuwatari Plush

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This adorable little black ball brings us back to fond memories of the soot sprites, also known as Susuwatari from Spirited Away and Totoro. This furry plushie comes atatched to a silver dangle chain so that you can carry the Susuwatari where ever with you!

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Product Description

Height: 3.9"

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Susuwatari Biography (Spirited Away)

- Susuwatari Bio by Tsunade

Name: Susuwatari
Species: Spirit / Magical Creature
Habitat: Spirit Realm, Bathhouse's Boiler Room
Diet: Hard Candy

Personality/Background: Susuwatari are soot balls that are creatures magically summoned as workers in the boiler room, as seen in Spirited Away. Susuwatari are also featured in other Studio Ghibli films, such as Totoro.
These cute little black balls usually travels around without their legs and instead, floats around while carrying coal to the furnace in Spirited Away. Despite their small bodies, they are just like ants, with the ability to carry items much more heavier than their own weight. As seen in Spirited Away, Susuwatari got crushed by coals but soon reforms itself to its norm. Tough little creatures, aren't they?