Yamori Jason Ring (Finger Cracker) Cosplay

Yamori Jason Ring (Finger Cracker) Cosplay

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The other 'Jason' from the anime series 'Tokyo Ghoul', Yamori (meaning Gecko) is the sadistic torturer with a violent past. The punk style finger protector bronze ring is able to articulate while you're wearing it on your finger. Just suit up with your white suit and hockey mask and you're good to go!

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Product Description

- Punk style finger protector ring

- Bronze

Length = 2.1"

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About Yakumo Oomori aka Jason (Tokyo Ghoul)

- Yakumo Oomori Biography by Tsunade

Name: Yakumo Oomori
Alias: Jason / Yamori
Birthday: 15th March
Species: Ghoul
Gender: Male
Blood Type: B
Height: 186cm
Weight: 101kg

"Do what one likes...that is the right of the strong." - Yakumo Oomori

As one can guess, Yakumo Oomori got his nickname 'Jason' due to his wearing of hockey goalie mask. 'Jason' is in reference to the famous fictional serial killer, Jason Voorhees (from the Friday the 13th movie series and franchise) who also wears a hockey mask and is widely known for it.

Not much was revealed about Yamori's past. One known fact is that he lost his mother and that he was kept alive because of his knowledge of the 13th ward at the Ghoul Detention Centre (another reference to the Friday the 13th series). He was taken to the 23rd ward where he was relentlessly tortured by a sadistic Ghoul Investigator. Yamori almost went insane from the torture and he finally found a way to cope with the extreme stress by imagining himself in the shoes of the torturer. With this newfound state of mind, Yamori's personality changed. He became sadistic himself and he learned about injections and various ways of torturing either ghouls or humans. He started looking for ways to thrill himself, calling his torture victims his 'toys' which he brings to his torture room that he refers to as his 'hobby room'.

At one point in the series, Yamori was ordered to find and capture the main protagonist, Ken Kaneki. Yamori's group raided Anteiku where Kaneki is working and managed to capture him. After taking Ken Kaneki to his 'hobby room', Yamori then began violently torturing Kaneki for ten days. Despite the extreme physical torture on him, Kaneki wasn't broken down but when Yamori killed Kaneki's friends, Kaneki went berserk and he killed Yamori.