Tokyo Ghoul – Touka Kirishima Rabbit Mask Ring

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From the hit anime series, Tokyo Ghoul, Touka Kirishima is known as the ruthless and reckless Ghoul nicknamed 'Rabbit', due to her habit of wearing a rabbit mask when hunting for human flesh. Add to your Tokyo Ghoul collectibles this Rabbit styled ring in tribute to Touka's ghoul persona. Made from durable material.

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Product Description

- Touka Kirishima Rabbit ring

- 0.75"

- Plastic

Additional Information

Weight 0.028 kg

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Touka Kirishima(Tokyo Ghoul)

- Touka Kirishima Bio by Tsunade

Name: Touka Kirishima
Alias: Rabbit
Age: 17
Birthday: 1 July
Height: 156cm
Weight: 45kg
Blood type: O
Occupation: Waitress
Gender: Female
Species: Ghoul
Affiliation: Anteiku

Touka Kirishima aka Rabbit, is one of the main female characters of the anime/manga series, Tokyo Ghoul. Touka is a ghoul and is known as the cute part-time waitress of the ghoul-ran coffee shop, Anteiku. During daytime, Touka studies at Kiyomi High School where she is in her sophomore year. She grew up in the 20th Ward with her father, Arata and younger brother, Ayato. They lived life as peacefully as possible with their father teaching them to blend in with the humans and even trying to consume human food. The Kirishima family often went to the library to read and learn and their father was always telling them to make peace with the human society. Unfortunately, Ayata was captured and presumably killed by Ghoul Investigators. As a result, Touka and Ayato was orphaned and ran away from home.

Appearance-wise, Touka's most distinct feature is her hair. Her long bangs covers her entire right eye. Other than that, she is considered a normal good looking girl. Her usual outfit is her anteiku waitress or her high school uniform. Personality-wise, Touka is known to be rash and straight-forward. Posing as a human schoolgirl, she appears normal but as a ghoul, she is ruthless and somewhat reckless. She has strong hatred for the Ghoul Investigators and wishes to destroy them after her family was torn apart.